Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup

When we see the singer Fergie the colors for Smokey eyes that she sports are generally grayish, or plumy. She is pretty famous for combining the sleek and gothic Smokey eye. For the perfect Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup, you could dust some translucent powder that is loose on your eye lashes and that would add some more luster to your eyelashes. For those who already have lengthy and lustrous eyelashes try and skip adding the mascara to your Smokey eye diet. What you could do is don some extra eye liner especially of a darker shade and blend them further.

These are the things you are going to need for the Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup:

  • MAC primer
  • Eyeshadow one that is darker and one that is lighter
  • An application eye brush and the other, a tad thicker for the complete look.
  • Powdery (not liquid) eye liner
  • Eye lash curler
  • Mascara

How to apply Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup

1. Start with applying a primer, let the primer be a shade or two darker than your normal skin tone. Use a MAC primer, it’s less oily. Don’t go all the way to the brow bone. Keep the primer limited to the upper eye lid.

2. You can then start by applying the lighter eye shadow on the end of your upper lid. If you are using colors like Fergie herself, try to use colors that are a little startling. Silvery, golden etc would do you good.

3. You need to smudge as you go. To get that perfect Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup you need to apply the eye shadow in such a way that at the end of it, the eye shadow appears 3-4 times darker than its usual color.

4. You then need to blend as you come towards the eyes. Don’t come all the way in or you will land up looking like a raccoon.

5. You can now take the darker shade of the same color that you are using for the Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup and smudge it and blend it along the lighter eye shadow.

6. You then need to use your powdery eye shadow and apply it all along the upper eyelid and about three fourths of the lower lid. You need to use your imagination as to how thick of thin you want to keep your eye liner. If you are going for the typical Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup you need to thicken the eye liner a tad bit. But for a daytime smokey eye makeup. Do not try to make the eye liner very thick since it will look rather odd.

7. You then need to use something like a cotton bud or a sponge to smudge the eyeliner with the color of the eye shadow. You could change the color of your eyeliner according to the color of the eye shadow you have used.

8. Remember that the eye liner shade will always be a little darker than the eye shadow

9. You then need to use your eye lash curler and put it on for 10-15 seconds.

10. After this you could don 3-4 coats of mascara and finish it off.

You are now ready to sport your latest Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup.

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