Feliway for Cats

What is Feliway for cats?

Feliway for cats is a product available in the market which contains a synthetic version of cat pheromones. Pheromones are chemical substances which are secreted by cats and the other animals through the glands in their bodies. These chemicals influence the behavior of the cats. Pheromones also frequently act as attractants for the opposite sex. This is the reason why the cats like to rub their heads against various things. When the cats rub their facial glands against an article, cats deposit certain quantities of pheromone at the rubbed place. The smells of their own pheromones make the cat to remain calm and more relaxed. Feliway for cats offers products for cats that suffer from anxiety and stress due to the environmental aspects. Feliway for cats as mentioned have an artificial version of the facial pheromone of the cat. Cats make use of this facial pheromone to mark their area to make it safe and secure. Feliway for cats imitates this pheromone and produces a sense of familiarity and safety in the cats. Feliway diffuser for cats can help lessen stress caused by transformations in the surroundings and helps the cats adjust to new surroundings and situations with ease. Feliway for cats is Available as an electrical feliway diffuser for cats and feliway spray for cats, Feliway can be used at home and even while travelling.

Anxiety and stress can frequently have extremely unfavorable effects on cats. Stress in cats may be caused by a lot of dissimilar reasons. While humans link stress to emotional causes, cats undergo stress and anxiety because of several surrounding issues or even because of physical stress. The most widespread reason of feline stress is a change in its environment. The Cats frequently respond strongly if their sense of familiarity and safety is endangered by any cause. Situations such as hospitalization, a new residence, moving to new place, a new cat, new furnishings or unknown people can be a cause of feline anxiety and stress. By using products like Feliway, you can assist your cat to deal with stress and anxiety in a constructive mode. Feliway for cats is Available as an electrical feliway diffuser for cats, feliway spray for cats, feliway plug in for cats, feliway collar for cats and is now easily available in the market.

Feliway for cats can restrain the cat’s desire to mark its area. There are clinical trials conducted both in the France and USA that have shown that Feliway for cats is useful, although not in all the cases. In one study conducted in American, 81 cats that had spraying troubles were tested. In approximately 95% of the cases Feliway for cats appreciably lessened the quantity of spraying. Apart from controlling marking problems in cats, Feliway for cats can be used as a universal de-stresser. In one of the study, cats that required to be hospitalized were separated into two different groups. One set of cats was accommodated in a Feliway treated surroundings. The control group was accommodated without the presence of synthetic pheromones. The cats housed in with Feliway were full of life, and faster to survey the new surroundings.

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