Feathered Hair Extensions

Feathered hair extensions

Feathered hair extensions used to be quite a rage during the 70s. These days one can probably sport them at a theme party full of retro music. The 60s and 70s used to be high on these feathered hair extensions and today in the 21st century Feathered hair extensions have made a major comeback of sorts. Feathered hair extensions are like the hair styles of actresses like Jane Fonda, Heather Locklear etc. So what are feathered hair extensions? It’s all about cutting your hair with a razor comb and after that brushing your hair away from one’s face; almost harshly. It shows a very carefree and relaxed nature in a person. This is the reason why Feathered hair extensions in Hollywood in the 70s represented the teens in that era; completely at ease and without a worry. Due to the tender texture like image, they resemble the feathers of a bird, this is the reason why they are called Feathered hair extensions. Now, when you use feathered hair as extensions they are called feathered hair extensions.

These days, people prefer to use feathered hair extensions rather than getting a feathered hair cut. They need to be attached to your hair just like any other hair extensions. Feathered hair extensions do a great job of framing the structure of your face well. Be it for men or women. It looks great on both. Feathered hair extensions basically involve bringing on a middle parting to your hair and then framing your hairstyle around the kind of face structure that you may have. These days, people have opted to bring about some hair color into their feathered hair extensions. This looks great too, however, the original feathered haircuts did not really have coloring of hair. These days you have fun colors that you can use with your feathered hair extensions, as well as the numerous styling products that are made available.

In order to know more about feathered hair extensions, you need to know about the feathered hairstyles, in order to wear the feathered hair extensions right. It is ideal to have smooth hair that is silky for any kind of feathered hair extensions. It will bring the wispiness to your hair, when you wear your feathered hair extensions. Feathered hair extensions look great on absolutely anyone. Remember feathered hair extensions need to look windswept, that’s the whole idea behind feathered hair extensions. You need some tender cuts towards the edges to bring a softer look on your face. These Feathered hair extensions look highly stylish. It’s important to understand the shape of your face before you get feathered hair extensions. The best way to attach feathered hair extensions is by getting a layer cut towards the back of your hair and getting a blunt cut towards the front. This used to be one of the foremost hairstyles of the 70s and 80s.

Before you wear your feathered hair extensions, you need to wash your hair thoroughly, use a good conditioner and blow dry it, and this will help you get the windswept hair. Dry it completely before you start wearing the extensions. Go to a good parlor to do so as they will know the color and type of hair that you have, to put the right kind of Feathered hair extensions.

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