Fast Weightloss Diet

Fast Weight Loss Diet

Is it even possible? I am sure that’s the first question that pops us on your mind. The answer is yes! And you have received it from a person who used to be 220 lbs and today is 80lbs lesser. How did I do it? I would rather tell you about the research I did online before I plunged on to my fast weight loss diet. I believed that Fast Weight Loss Diets are customized. There is no such thing as one diet that we follow. Diets need to vary from one person to another. Let’s now look at 5 such Fast Weight Loss Diet plans: who can be a better judge than you as to what suits you the best. Just go through our list of our favorite Fast Weight Loss Diets and be the best judge:

The Atkins Diet: This one’s been doing the rounds for quite some time now. It’s not only popular it has been proved to be one of the most successful diets all around the World. It was their discovery that Carbohydrates are the biggest source of any kind of weight gain; hence, they began to work on ‘how one can try and change the metabolism of a particular body type’. They hence believe in trying to restrict the amount of carbohydrates that go inside the body and thus resulting in fast weight loss. Fast weight loss in women occurs in the hips and the stomach. In the Atkins diet you can totally binge on meat since its just proteins that you are consuming after all. The entire diets are based on phases and you lose weight in phases too. This is basically done by restricting the amounts of carbohydrate intake by the body. You can slowly switch to having cauliflower and broccoli as and when you please. It’s certainly a very filling diet that Atkins has and it’s totally my top one in my list of fast weight loss diets.

The south Beach Diet: now, for those who think that the Atkins Diet was not enough look at the South Beach Fast Weight Loss Diet. It’s divided into three stages. And it’s really great and causes a rather fast weight loss program. It was first talked of By Dr Arthur Agatston along with Marie Almon who is a well-known dietician. This one too is a low-carb diet and those undergoing this diet cannot have potatoes, spaghettis, pastas etc. The south beach diet aims at giving its followers a healthy way of living. Which is making its followers have everything they want but in restricted quantities.

The Medifast Diet :This one’s a low fat and high-protein induced fast weight loss diet. This is one diet I would say that didn’t look like a diet to me. It was more like a way of life, this is because the stuff to eat mentioned in this diet program was more like the way a balanced meal out to be without any worries and without any risks. The main aim of course is to lose the excessive weight but at the end of it trust me this diet proved to be absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to everyone who ‘s going to take fast weight loss seriously. This is because this one actually works.

Cabbage Soup Diet: This one’s the last on my list mainly because this one firstly must be followed only for seven days so if you do get into the mood for some fast weight loss you need to adhere to this diet. This is not a forever kind of a diet. It’s like if you have a wedding coming up and you want to lose some meager pounds, cabbage soup diet is the way to go. It’s been proven that those following the cabbage soup diet lose up to 10 pounds in a week. It’s rich in fiber and certainly low in carbs and fat. It also helps you be hydrated which is one of the foremost principles of fast weight loss.

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