Fast Weight Loss Diet

Fast weight loss diet

Obesity and over weight is one of the major issue faced by many people living in this modern world. The main reason for obesity is unhealthy food habits and bad lifestyle with no physical activities. Any individual should maintain the ideal weight to have a healthy life. Over weight is the main culprit leading towards several health complications. So it is highly recommended to plan for shedding excess weight at the earliest possible. Eventually, there are different types of fast weight loss diet plans, dietary supplements, and workouts are designed to help the people in losing weight quickly. Unfortunately, many are not successful. Losing weight rapidly has become a challenging task for many people. They are afraid of using the hazardous pills and weight loss supplements available in the market. Is there any easy way to lose weight rapidly? Yes. There are several effective and proven fast weight loss diets resulting towards shedding the excess weight.

Is fast weight loss diet effective:

The shocking fact is that just by losing around 5 – 7 pounds makes us dehydrated. Moreover, there is a proven fact that when anyone loses the weight quickly, the rapid weight loss is accompanied by rapid weight gain. So many people believe that there is no effective fast weight loss plan. However, it is completely wrong. Cutting down calories combined with supplying essential quantity of nutrition helps towards rapid weight loss, which can be availed with a fast weight loss diet plan. For instance, if you require around 2500 calories a day, you can reduce the calorie count from 1000 – 1500 day, from which you can reduce around 5 – 6 pounds a week. Eventually, a fast weight loss diet plan would be in a combination of a low fat diet, a low carb diet and a low calorie diet.

Few types of fast weight loss diet plans:

As mentioned above, there are few effective diet plans for rapid loss of weight. Let us see a couple of effective and ideal rapid weight loss diet plans:

3 Day Diet plan: As indicated by the name, this is a fast weight loss diet lasts only for three days.

Day one

Breakfast: Black tea with low sugar, with one toasted slice and half a cup of grape juice.

Lunch: Black tea or tea with skimmed milk with low sugar, one toasted slice and half a cup of tuna.

Dinner: Boiled beans and carrot, 3 ounces meat or chicken or a fresh vegetable salad one cup each with one apple and with a regular vanilla ice cream (Ice cream optional)

Day two:

Breakfast: Black tea or coffee with low sugar, one boiled egg white, half a banana and a toasted slice.

Lunch: One cup of fatless cottage cheese with 8 saltine crackers.

Dinner: 2 beef, one cup of cabbage or broccoli and carrot, half a banana and one cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day three:

Breakfast: Black tea or coffee with low sugar with one apple

Lunch: One boiled egg (full), one toasted slice, black coffee or tea.

Dinner: Carrot, tuna, cauliflower and melon – one cup each with a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Another popular and effective fast weight loss diet plan is lemonade diet. It includes the following:

  • Intake around 100 ounces of lemonade a day
  • Start the day with salt water flush
  • End the day with herbal tea before sleep
  • Under lemonade diet, no food is allowed to eat and the dieters are allowed to drink salt water flush, herbal tea and the lemonade.

Many people following the lemonade diet experience nausea and vomiting due to salt water flush. Hence, it is recommended to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before selecting any rapid weight loss diet plan.

Practical and effective tips on fast weight loss diet:

The common thing to be fulfilled by any type of diet plan is it should be a healthy diet offering required amount of nutrition to the body. Here are few tips to make your fast weight loss diet plan into a healthy pan.

  • Enhance the intake of water and liquids. It is required to drink minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. Enhanced intake of water helps in flushing out the impurities and fat from the body. If you feel difficult in consuming more quantity of water, it can be replaced by green tea or herbal tea or black tea.
  • Have 5 – 6 small portions of meals every day, which reduces cravings between each meal.
  • Include more quantity of vegetables and fruits
  • Don’t try to avoid fatty substances completely. 20 grams of fatty foods can be included in the diet.
  • Increase the intake of fiber, which are rich in bread, oats, etc.
  • If you are on low calorie diet, you should consider including vitamin capsules every day.

Above all, one thing should be remembered is that no one can lose weight overnight and there is no such fast weight loss diet menu. Further, it is not recommended to go for a rapid weight loss diet plan without consulting a doctor or a dietician.

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