Family Games for Adults

Family parties are a great way to get the family together. Let’s be honest- Aren’t adult parties boring? All they can talk about is work and children. Most of us assume that games are for kids, and mature adults have more important things to discuss over a glass of wine. Oh come on! Why should kids have all the fun? The next time you host a family party; the kids will have fun but make sure you have yours. Include family games for adults and your party is guarantee to rock and remembered by all for a long time to come. Here is an excellent collection of family games for adults to spice up your family reunion.

Family Games for Adults Ideas

Mummy Wrap

This game is for all age groups. It is fun to watch how quick the senior members of the family are. Form two teams by dividing the family. One member of each team is the “mummy.”The members of the team start wrapping up the ‘mummy’ with toilet paper until they are completely mummified. The team to finish first is declared the winner.  


On a stool, place a bowl and scatter some peas. The players are supposed to sit on the stool so as to move the peas into the bowl without using the hands! The player who is able to do it is the winner. The instructor/coordinator counts the number of the peas in the bowl of each player.  The one with highest number of peas in the bowl wins.

The saddest
The task for the players is to refrain themselves from laughing. All the players face each other in a circle. One of the players says: “Ha!” The next one has to add another ‘Ha’, the third one says, “Ha-ha-ha!”, and the number of ‘Ha’ keeps on adding. If someone says the wrong number of “ha” or laughs, he/she is out. The players who are eliminated leave no stone unturned to make the players in the game laugh. The player who wins is the one who laughs the last.  

Number on the belt

You take his belt off and address all the ones who are present: “A number is written on this belt. The figure is so big that even a short – sighted person is able to see it. But the trick is, it’s not easy to find this number. For this you need to be attentive but also sharp. So who wants to find the number on the belt?” Only the person, who guesses the secret of your trick, will get the number. The secret is simple: Get ready this trick beforehand: roll up the belt in such a way that the buckle of it is inside the first coil. On the spiral, in a light yellow pencil, write a simple or a two-digit number. The number will disappear once the belt is unrolled. Once you roll the belt again, the number will be found.

 These family games for adults are simple yet fun to play. These games involve all the members of the family. With these innovative games, you can transform your boring family party into a fun-filled occasion.

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