Facts About Cats

Facts about cats

We will have to take a walk back in history, to know some interesting facts about cats and unravel the mysteries that have surrounded cats since a long time. The cats have gone through every sentiment displayed by human beings; they have been loved, loathed, adored and even mistreated. Despite these facts about cats, the cat is still a human beings best pal. The one of the interesting facts about domestic cats is that the African Wildcat was the first species of cats to be domesticated some 5000 years ago. This funny fact about cats was done because the citizens of Egypt consumed huge quantities of grain, which was being gobbled up by rats. Since cats were the single answer to the trouble, every individual in Egypt began leaving provisions out for the cats. At this time, the Pharaohs felt the requirement to have extra cats to defend his own granaries. As asking everybody to offer up their cats to the king might cause a rebellion, he declared cats to be demigods so that the citizens of Egypt would care for the cats and cats would remain his private property too.

Let us see some other cool facts about cats

  • One amazing facts about cats is that there are more than 500 million domestic cats cross the world, and there are 33 different breeds of cats.
  • Another of the weird facts about cats is that a cat’s heart beats twice as fast as the heart if a human, it beats at 110 to 140 beats per minute. If your cat is close to you, and her tail is shaking, this is the utmost expression of love your cat can express to you.   If her tail starts whipping, it indicates that her mood has altered this is the time to distance yourself from her.
  • Another amazing fact about cats’ calico cats is that they are almost always female.
  • The Male cats weigh twelve to twenty pounds, and the females cats weigh around ten to fifteen pounds. One of the funniest facts about cats is that the smallest cat breed is the Singapura where males weigh about six pounds while females’ cats weigh around four pounds.
  • Around one fourth of the cat owners blow dry their cats’ hair after giving them a bath and the largest cat breed in the world is called the Rag doll.
  • Another of the facts about Cats is that they wag their tails when they get in to a stage of quarrel.  The cat desires to do two things at one time, but both impulse blocks each other.  For example:   If your cat is in the doorway and wishes to go outside, and you open the door and  find that it is raining, the cat will wag its tail because of  an internal conflict.  As in this condition the cat wants to go outside, but doesn’t want get wet by going into the rain.  Once the cat comes to n conclusion it either comes back to the house or leaves into the rain, and after it decides the tail of the cat will instantly stop wagging.
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