Formula One racing more commonly known as F1 originated in Europe in the early 1920’sand is  is considered to be the Holy Grail of single seater automobile racing in the world. Formula One is governed by the FIA( Federation Internationale de I’Automobile) which hosts the annual FIA formula one World Championship that consists of a series of races held on specially built race tracks. There are multiple teams that take part in these races and each team fields two cars per race, these races are called Grand Prix. The word “Formula” in the name Formula One refers to a set of guidelines that each participating team has to adhere to.

There are two world championship trophies at stake in Formula one, The drivers’ championship(since 1947) & the constructors championship(1958). The drivers’ championship is determined by the driver accumulating the highest points through race finishes across all circuits. The constructor’s championship trophy goes to the team that has had the most consistent run in terms of cars finishing at the top.

F1 car

F1 cars Formula one cars are supposed to be the fastest racing cars in the world with top speeds reaching up to 360 Kmph. These cars have very high cornering speeds that are achieved by generating great amounts of downforce, This is possible due to the aerodynamic shape of the car.

For years Formula one cars were run using 3.0Litre V10 engines, however things changed in 2006 when the FIA changed the guidelines restricting engine capacity to 2.4 litre in a V8 configuration. In 2009 there were further changes that have restricted engines to 18000 rpm in order to reduce costs and increase engine reliability.

A Formula One care is made up of aluminium alloy and carbon fibre that are both lightweight and extremely strong. A great deal of attention is given to the aerodynamics of the car to ensure that there is minimum drag created resulting in a much cleaner flow of air over, under and around the car.

Each constructor has a team of highly skilled engineers and mechanics who work round the clock to develop & refine the car’s engine & aerodynamics in order to make it more competitive on track.

F1 races A formula one race is held on a Sunday with teams being allowed to practice on Fridays(two practice sessions) and Saturday(one session).Post the practice session ,there is a qualifying session that would determine the drivers position on the starting grid for the race.

The winner of the race is the driver to cross the finish line first after completing the stipulated number of laps around the circuit. Each driver is allowed to pull over for a pit stop in order to change typre,(prior to the 2010 season, cars were allowed to refuel as well).Till recently most of the races were held on tracks within Europe, however in the last few years due to the wide appeal and global media coverage races are being held in countries on the Asian continent as well (Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, China, Bahrain & India).

F1 Drivers Formula one drivers are considered as an elite group of racers with many drivers vying for an opportunity to either race or test for an F1 team.To become an F1 driver it take a high level of physical  fitness and endurance as an F1 driver is subjected to forces up to 5 G’s during the course of the race.A F1 driver during the course of the race may lose as much as 3 kgs weight through fluid loss due to extreme heat conditions in the cockpit of the car.

Some of the most famous & successful F1 drivers in time have been Michael Shumaker, Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost, Jack Brabham, Niki Lauda, Nelson Piquet, Aryton Senna, Jackie Stewart, Fernando Alonso, Alberto Ascari, Jim Clark, Mika Hakennen, Emerson Fittipaldi & Graham Hill.

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