Eye Shadow Stickers for the Lazy

What are these Eye Shadow Stickers that everybody is talking about: all those who do not recognize this newbie that has hit the shores of the fashion world, be informed. These are new Eye Shadow Stickers for those who struggle with brushes, mix and match of the right colors. These Eye Shadow Stickers is for the lazy, which can create the look they want within seconds. Yes! You heard me right, within seconds. It will put you out of your misery about choosing the right brush or the right color. All you really have to do in this is pick, choose and remove. That’s all. You don’t need to worry about choosing the wrong brush or the brush strokes. In fact it’s so effortless that even those who absolutely detest makeup will be able to sport the new look without a delay. However, these Eye Shadow Stickers are even good for those women who are great at applying make up. This is because the Eye Shadow Stickers come in such awesome colors that even you will be appalled at the color combinations. You can even don a Smokey Eyemakeup within seconds, can you imagine that ! if you happen to go for a theme party these Eye Shadow Stickers will do wonders because the range of themes and colors that they are available in is simply mind blowing. They are as simple as probably washing your face which is great news for the Lazy Bones. In fact some call these Eye Shadow Stickers, Eye Shadow Stickers for the lazy. This is because they are so effortlessly applied. You can get metallic shades, animal prints, and total berserk and wacky designs. You want it and you have it; and all in the matter of seconds.

How will you apply these Eye Shadow Stickers?

I’m sure you are wondering how and where will you buy these Eye Shadow Stickers, do not fret! These Eye Shadow Stickers are available in the online markets that we have, that is if they haven’t hit your local fashion stores as yet. You can check them out in either of the places. Maybelline and Avon are some major brands in which they are available. You can also check out the eyeshadow stickers by Eyebrowz Eye Xplosivs, ColorOn Eye Envy Eyeshadow and Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow.

Now how do you apply these Eye Shadow Stickers. They are as simple as placing the sticker, using your index finger and removing it. Yes ! you need to wipe your eye lid off any other dirt, place the Eye Shadow Stickers where you are going to apply it. Apply a little pressure and remove the sticker. That’s it. Start applying pressure onto your inner corner to the outer corner. You can then remove the peel off the back of the Eye Shadow Stickers.
You can blend two Eye Shadow Stickers for wackier looks, it looks a little over dramatized but what the heck!

You can use the combination of lighter and darker shades. Applying some powder will make the eye shadow effect last longer. Some of these Eye Shadow Stickers, come with a brush set, so while you blend two different Eye Shadow Stickers, you can use these brushes. And if you are blending them with your finger, make sure you don’t do them with the same finger.
Eye Shadow Stickers for the lazy is perfect as it is not difficult to apply at all. So be the stunner and go rock the world.

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