Eva Longoria Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Eva Longoria Smokey Eye Makeup

For Eva Longoria, Smokey eyes can never be out of fashion. She knows how to pose and carry that awesome eye makeup that she dons for every event that we see her in. her classic signature style that we see her in these days is with her hair pulled back in to a simple bun, danglers, something like drop earrings, nude lip gloss as well as her mouth dropping awesome Smokey eye makeup. Learn how to apply Eva Longoria smokey eye makeup by folloing these simple smokey eye makeup tips given here.

Eva Longoria Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Eva Longoria knows how to create the smokey eye makeup look with every shade of Smokey eye and she can carry it off in the best way. It’s a complete ooh La La! There are hardly any red carpets where we cannot see Eva Longoria sport her signature Eva Longoria Smokey makeup. Be noted that there are many ways to bring about this same Eva Longoria Smokey makeup effect on the eyes. It’s certainly not necessary to stick to the usual charcoal and blacks when you try our Eva Longoria Smokey makeup, you can totally go creative on the looks and go berserk with experimenting with colors. Blacks are now passé and they don’t conjure up to any one perfect smokey eye certainly.

What you should be using for Eva Longoria Smokey makeup:

• Primer

• One lighter and one darker shade of eyeshadow

• One thin eye brush

• One thick cheek brush

• Eyeliner (powdery)

• Mascara

• Eyelash curler

How to apply Eva Longoria Smokey Eye Makeup

1. Now let’s begin, remember that blending is the most important factor when it comes to Eva Longoria Smokey Eye Makeup, and begin by layering the different products that you have.

2. You need to begin with a good MAC primer, choose a primer that is close to the color of your skin. A primer is used to clear the creases on the eye lid.

3. After this you need to use a flat eyeshadow brush and do not clear the crease all the way to the brow bone. Stick to the upper lid area.

4. You then need to use an eye shadow brush like a MAC 275, and start applying the lighter eye shadow onto the corner of the upper eye lid.

5. Start with a light shade and start smudging and blending as you go. Layer it as you go until you get a shade three times darker than the original shade.

4. This will ultimately create the dark Smokey Look. You need to be absolutely Brill at blending; blending is what is going to help you get the darkish Smokey look. Try to blend in the circular motion, and don’t blend the color on your fingertips with the other lighter color on your upper lid. Try to use a the edge of a cotton bud or a sponge to smudge well.

5. Use some highlights onto the corners of your eye, and on your brow bone. This is a classic style for the perfect Eva Longoria Smokey Eye Makeup

6. You are now to use your eyeliner, powdery because it’s easier to blend with it. Use a water proof eye liner preferably, line the entire upper lid, and line up to 3/4th of the lower lid.

7. Use your eye lash curler keep it for 10-15 seconds, finally, finish it off with 2-3 coats of intense MAC mascara. You could even use false eye lashes. Luscious eye lashes look really amazing on the eyes.

Follow these simple tips for Eva Longoria Smokey Eye Makeup given here.

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