Dramatic Red Lip Makeup Tips

Dramatic Red Lip Makeup Tips

Remember Scarlett Johansson in ‘A good woman’ and ‘The Boleyn Sisters’? Don’t you absolutely adore her for her make up and those red red lips; like the petals of a rose? The Dramatic Red Lip Makeup Tips is certainly not the makeup for someone who has been shy all their lives. This is the makeup for the one who wants to unleash the beast within. One needs to have immense confidence and great self image to carry the Dramatic Red Lip Makeup. So first you need to decide if you are made of that material to carry the

Dramatic Red Lip Makeup

Dramatic Red Lip Makeup Tips is for those women who want to flaunt their lips at any given occasion. So, no matter what your skin tone is the Dramatic Red Lip Makeup will look good on everybody who is ready to give it a try.

Those who are very fair skinned, blue based red lipsticks are a good idea. You need to have the Dramatic Red Lip Makeup with the berry or else mauve undertone. They will look really great on you. Those women who have a slight medium fair skin tone, Dramatic Red Lip Makeup which have a browner tone base is a good option. The olive skinned girls we have the Dramatic Red Lip Makeup Tips for you too. Use the fiery red or else the orange and yellow undertones for your Dramatic Red Lip Makeup. The dark skinned ones all kinds of Dramatic Red Lip Makeup will look good. In fact Dramatic Red Lip Makeup looks great on Dark Skinned people.

How to apply Dramatic red lip makeup

• Now before you start applying the Dramatic Red Lip Makeup, you need to do some exfoliation.

• In order to do this, first use a mild cleanser and cleanse your lip area. Take some salt and some olive oil in your finger tip and by doing circular motion just rotate it around the lip area. This will help the skin that is dry around the lip area to come out. The exfoliation can be done using sugar too.

• You need to now apply some lip liner. Before that brush some powder, compact powder onto your lip. This is like preparing base for the lipstick. The shade of your lip liner must be very close to the color of your lipstick. If possible use a nude lip liner. It suits almost all lip shades.

• You now need to apply some lip balm; this will add some moisture to your lips. About the lip liner, don’t use a shade darker than your lipstick it will give you an awfully harsh look. Also remember red itself is a highly strong color that we are using.

• This is the base makeup for your lips; you now need to apply your Dramatic Red Lip Makeup.

• Use a lip brush or else even a regular lipstick.

• Dab it on a tissue paper after you have applied and apply a second coat.

• You can apply some powder since this will make your lipstick stay longer.

• Apply some powder around your lips too since this will stop the lipstick from bleeding. Your Dramatic Red Lip Makeup is ready to be sported.

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