Dragon Tattoo for Girls

A tattoo can be described as a form of body art. It’s an art where ‘almost’ permanent changes are imprinted on any of your body parts, using sharp needles. Hence, the process of getting tattooed can be quite painful. The intensity of the pain but obviously depends on the part of the body that the tattoo is being carved. Like we all know, tattoos are becoming quite a rage these days and there is no denying that fact. We see huge superstars claiming their love for their flames via tattooing. Whether the love is permanent or not is debatable, but about the tattoo being permanent, there are no debates. It’s going to be there to stay for a long long time.
Tattoos have various meanings that have been assigned to them. Of late, rumor has it that Dragon tattoo for girls is becoming quite a talk of ‘many’ towns. You can claim it to be the most desirable and popular tattoo that’s been around. Let’s discuss about the dragon tattoo for girls, which is something you are going to find quite interesting.
Dragon tattoos themselves look like the fantasy creature itself, but then ever wondered why the dragon tattoo art is so popular and not the raccoon or the nightmare or a unicorn? Here’s why! Firstly the historical significance of the dragon tattoo brings mystic to the idea. This is why most people are so crazy about it. These dragons are classified into various categories according to their color. There are two kinds of dragon: the Eastern one‘s supposed to be God’s messenger and a savior, whereas; the Western one’s supposed to be evil. The Chinese and Japanese dragons are two very important Eastern Dragons. Let’s now delve into some of the very famous dragon tattoos for girls.

Earlier dragon tattoos used to be quite a male phenomenon, since they looked pretty masculine. With growing popularity, they now have become a fashion statement among women. Some of the female celebrities to sport these tattoos are Angelina Jolie; she has one the left arm. Let’s look at the Chinese and the Japanese dragon tattoo categories that girls are so crazy about.

The Chinese Dragon Tattoo is known to symbolize peace, harmony and intelligence. It’s like having a permanent lucky charm stuck on you. Chinese dragon tattoos look like snakes, scaly bodied and clawed legs. They don’t have wings. The Chinese dragon tattoos depict different meanings with different colors. For example: An Earth is called ‘Ti-Luns’ and it’s supposed to control any of the water elements like the river, sea etc.

The Japanese Dragon Tattoo on the other hand is quite similar to its counterpart, The Chinese dragon tattoo. A dragon is quite significant in Japanese myths. A Japanese Dragon Tattoo has paws like a tiger and no wings, long whiskers and has a serpentine sort of a look. A gold Japanese Dragon tattoo depicts a strong headed, wise and passionate person, while a Black one depicts wisdom. Dragon tattoos are known for their lucky charm, they symbolize good health, long life and power.
You can place Dragon Tattoos according to the size on any suitable place on your body. I would say placing these dragon tattoos is a tricky thing. In order to enhance the beauty of the large sized Dragon tattoos, hips would be ideal on first thought. On second thought, lower back or the complete back also is a very good option. Dragon tattoo for girls looks great on arms.

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