Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

If you are an owner of a new pup, the first thing on your agenda is, no doubt, training the dog. The sooner you start the house training process for your pup, the less damage your carpets and furnishings will undergo. Always remember that training a puppy is easier than training a grown up dog. You should be prepared to invest some amount of time and effort into providing training to your puppy. If you don’t have spare time for house training, you should seriously think again on your resolution to get a dog. Training will involve conditioning techniques, and will call for some endeavor on your part as well. If your pup grows into maturity without being properly trained, you’re downgrading him to a life where you have to chain him so he does not create a mess, which is unjustifiable for the dog.

The first training tool for dog toilet training tips is to commence the training process with a crate. You should get a small wire mesh crate that is the just right size for your little pup. You should ensure that the crate is big enough to lodge the dog over the next few weeks, and small enough that he doesn’t find a corner to relieve himself in the crate. At first, keep your dog in the crate for small duration of time, and take him out to the yard at regular intervals to get him to relive him and if he does this praise and give him a prize. If he doesn’t, then take him back to the crate and carry on with this till you can see the dog starting the pattern. Slowly over a period of time, you will see that the dog’s toilet schedule will become clear.

In dogs chewing comes naturally to, and in their little minds they think that everything is chewable until demonstrated otherwise. Chewing exercises their jaws and helps them with teething pains as well as avoiding plaque and tartar from forming. In some of the breeds, dogs have a stronger urge to chew than the other breeds, but all puppies feel a need to gratify their desire to sink their teeth into something they can chew. There are many articles like the electrical cords and wires are a big attraction for puppies and can prove to be extremely dangerous if chewed by them. To prevent the puppy from chewing on them you can spray them with the nasty tasting sprays found in most pet stores so when they try to chew them they will leave it. This also sets in their minds that the taste to such articles is bitter and they don’t chew them anymore.

Training the dog is necessary in order to get the puppies off to the best possible start in their life. Many a time’s tips for dog training are required to correct numerous behavioral problems in the older dogs. While training you should apply basic and advanced dog obedience training tips and if necessary you may hire a professional to do so.

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