Dog Skin Problems

Generally Dog Skin Problems occur due to allergies they are prone to in the environment, other allergies they acquire from food and infections. Here is a full fledged article on Dog Skin Problems.

People who have pets as dogs generally complain of ear or skin problems in dogs. Dogs too can have many skin problems just like in the case of human beings. Generally Dog Skin Problems due to parasites in them or different allergies that they may have. Skin actually is a reflection of the dog’s health.

Some common Dog Skin Problems

You dog may have dry or skin that is flaky and it may itch because of that. This generally happens when there is less humidity as in cold climates. The dog may itch a lot and may display discomfort and this is the sign for you to do something. Then there are some allergies that are seasonal which may occur only in specific seasons, these are environmental Dog Skin Problems. You dog may be allergic to weeds, grass, pollen or sometimes molds.

Some dogs are allergic to food and this may be the cause of Dog Skin Problems. Sometimes some common ingredients in dog food such as meat, fillers or coloring in food may cause some Dog Skin Problems. You need to be sure of the brand that you purchase for your dog and be sure to keep supplementing the food with some home food.

One of the most common Dog Skin Problems is Hot Spots, this occurs in dogs with an undercoat that is extremely thick and impenetrable. Usually itching is a sign that hot spots have appeared. Licking and scratching must be avoided since it will increase Hot Spots.

One of the other major Dog Skin Problems is Atopic Dermatitis, which basically means itching around the ear and eyes. This is a genetic Dog Skin Problems and Atopic Dermatitis Dog Skin Problem has absolutely no cure. You must try and avoid antihistamines and immunotherapies. This will reduce the symptoms.

Fleas and Mites are common to almost all domesticated animals. Some dogs are however, very sensitive to flea bites and this is the cause of rashes and itching all over their bodies.

There are some Dog Skin Problems which manifest itself in the form of skin infections that is due to the effect of bacteria and fungi. This intensifies the itching in animals such as dogs and the symptoms again here is scratching and itching by the dog.

Dull Coats and non shiny coats are effects of hormonal changes that a dog under goes, this is another form of Dog Skin Problems. The dog can also lose hair in the process and this can only be blames on fluctuations in hormones. Hormonal changes in dogs are highly difficult to detect and hence it is also difficult to treat them.

Licking, Itching, Scratching are the most common types of symptoms that can be seen in dogs. If a particular symptom is not treated immediately then the Dog Skin Problems can lead to sever consequences. Hence, it is better to treat the Dog Skin Problems timely and be in constant consultation with your vet.

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