Dog Pet Care

Doesn’t it just melt your heart when you see a cute little puppy staring up at you with those huge watery brown eyes that beg you to take him with you? It all starts right there. The next thing you find is the same puppy eating five times a day, tearing up pillows, biting everything within reach and barking his head off. Well, it is now time for you to do some research and learn about dog pet care. Bathing, combing, feeding and training the puppy are essential in dog care practices. Occasional visits to the veterinarian are also vital.

1. Raising The Puppy

Once the puppy is in your house, he needs a place to stay. You need to prepare a basket of his size and stuff it with ample bed sheets or a soft pillow. Make sure that the basket isn’t too high so that the puppy won’t fall off while trying to get down. Keep a dish of water near the basket on a piece of newspaper. Spread newspaper under and around the basket as well. Do not manhandle the puppy too much and avoid stroking him or touching him time and again.

2. Feeding

While feeding your dog, one should always remember to give him high quality, nutrient rich food. Avoid feeding him milk and milk products in the first few months. It is essential to understand in dog pet care that puppies experience indigestion from consumption of lactose. To feed the puppy, just buying expensive dog food, dumping it in a food bowl and giving it to your dog is not a healthy practice. In the first few months, ideally, one should soak the dog food pellets in lukewarm water and then offer them to the puppy.

3. Grooming And Exercising

Grooming the dog is highly important in dog pet care. Grooming the dog at least two times in a week is requisite for any kind of dog. In this process, one must check the areas around the dog’s eyes, ears, nails and hind for any dirt or parasites. Grooming twice a week is an excellent discipline to maintain your dog’s health.

Like any other child, your dog needs exercise. Short five minute walks are enough for a one month old puppy. But play time and exercise should increase as time passes. Dogs are active creatures and must remain that way. Brisk long walks and intensive play time are highly recommended for dogs 5 months old and above.

4. Training

One must start training a dog at the youngest age possible. Once the dog starts following a routine, he sets his own lifestyle and can become difficult to manage later. Trained dogs are easier to handle and manage. You could opt for a professional trainer or train your dog yourself. Treats and rewards (cheese and dog treats) in moderation induce good behavior. But over doing it may result in a non complying dog. Disobedience should be countered with punishments.

5. Veterinary Care

The puppy must always be taken to the vet during the first week of his stay. He should be given his regular shots and essential vitamins for healthy growth. He must be taken to the vet at least once a month for regular checkups.

Thus, dog pet care is definitely not an easy job. It takes a lot of patience and caring. What the dog needs most is your affection and attention. He is just like one of your own children. There may be times when you want the dog out of your house. But when your dog looks back at you with those huge watery brown eyes, it just melts your heart again.

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