Dog Eye Infection Home Remedies

What is eye infection in dogs?

Pet owners have high responsibility to keep their pets with good health. Eventually, they should consider all precautionary and preventive measure to prevent the pets getting affected by any illnesses or diseases. Unfortunately, the possibility of keeping the pet without any illnesses is very less. Hence, any diseases or health ailments should be treated immediately, for which the pet owner is accountable. In spite of living in a safe and hygiene environment, eye infection in dogs is fairly common and it develops instantaneously when something, even a minute particle lodges in the dog’s eye. Eye infection is also common when the cornea of the eye gets scratched.

Dog eye infection can be detected easily as the condition is characterized by several warning signs such as redness of eyes, rubbing or scratching the eye, eye discharge, cloudiness, puffy eyes, etc. Eye discharge is the apparent symptoms that educate the pet owner about something went wrong in pets. Fortunately, dog eye infection cure is available in form of simple yet effective home remedies.

Let us see the effective dog eye infection home remedies.

Infection in dog eye can be classified into various types and the common infections include conjunctivitis – pink eye, Uveitis, etc. Both these infections are quite contagious and eventually the condition should be treated instantaneously. Even though the infection can be treated with prescription antibiotics and drugs from a vet, dog eye infection can be treated with safer and natural home remedies. Home remedies for dog eye infection are quite effective and eliminate the condition with no left out traces, when it is used at the early stages of infection. However, the dog eye infection home remedies can reduce the sufferings and the infection.

Simple home remedies for dog eye infection:

  • Apple cider vinegar – Diluted apple cider vinegar (mix the apple cider vinegar in water) and apply it in the infected eye or eyes and the surrounding areas. It helps in reduces the inflammation and pain. Dogs with puffy eyes can be treated using this remedy.
  • Fresh Lime – Another effective home remedy is the juice of fresh lemon with water. It can be used to wash infected eyes to flush out the debris and can be done around 4 – 6 times a day. Each time you wash the eyes of the pets, squeeze the half a medium sized lemon and mix the juice with water. Don’t wash the eyes of pets with direct lemon squeeze.
  • Chamomile Tea – It is a good choice of cleaning the infected eyes of dogs. Prepare chamomile tea and let it cool. Dip a clean cotton or cotton ball in the cool tea and apply it the eyes of dogs.
  • You can also consider providing supplements of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which assist in reducing the inflammation and also speed up the healing process. Further, Vitamin A heals the infection in the cornea, which is rich in cod liver oil and capsules. You can directly apply one or two drops of cod liver oil in the eyes.

Dog eye infection home remedy tips:

  • Try to wash the eyes of the dogs with plain water or salt water as quickly as possible after you notice the infection.
  • Splash salt water into the infected eyes, which flushes out the debris
  • Wipe the eyes of dogs with cotton ball
  • Apply any herbal drop like red clover or chamomile into the eyes.

If the dog eye infection are likely to sustain for more than a couple of days and you could not find any improvement with effective home remedies, take your dog to a vet for getting appropriate diagnosis and treatment, before it becomes into a severe condition.

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