Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

What is Ear Infection in Dogs?

Ear infection in dogs is considered one of the common canine health problems, as 2 in 10 dogs are diagnosed with the condition. In spite of being a common health condition and not a serious issue to be concerned about, dog ear infection can be extremely painful for the pets. Any kind of infection in the dog’s ears lead towards inflammation of the ears. Generally, ear infection in dogs is more common in specific breeds with large ears.

Dog ear infection can be classified into three types based on the part of the ear infection and are as follows:

  • Infection in the outer ear – Otitis Externa
  • Infection in the Middle ear – Otitis Media
  • Infection in the inner ear – Otitis Interna

Dog ear infection in the external part of the ear can be detected and treated easily, where as the other two conditions are quite complicated for detecting as well as treating. Moreover, when left undiagnosed and untreated, the infection spreads over to the central nervous system of dogs quickly lead towards death. Fortunately, Dog ear infection symptoms are apparent and the condition can be detected well by the pet owners by watching them closely.

Symptoms of Ear Infection in Dogs

Symptoms of dog ear infection tend to vary according to the depth of infection and the part of the ear infected. Since the infection in outer regions of ear is visible, symptoms and signs of dog ear infection in outer part are very minimal. Alternatively, infections in middle and inner ear have several serious symptoms.

Following are the most common symptoms and signs of dog ear infection.

  • Discharge from ears in form black discharge, waxy discharge or yellow discharge
  • Foul smell in dogs, in particular around the ears. In severely infected cases, sometimes the smell becomes intolerable.
  • Tender ears
  • Inflammation of ears and surrounding parts
  • Redness of ears

Most common signs of yeast ear infection in dogs are the tenderness of the ears accompanied by inflammation. Severe yeast infection is characterized by the above symptoms along with the yellow or green waxy discharge with intolerable foul odour.

Vigorous head shaking and heat tilting is yet another common sign of dog ear infection. Dogs tend to shake their heads constantly in an attempt to remove any irritating or obstructing object form the ears, like ear wax, water or even grass. Bacterial infection in dog ears is characterized by rubbing and itching.

Dog ear infection is likely to get spreads from outer to middle, middle to inner part, if symptoms of dog ear infection left untreated. The dogs tend to lose it balance when the infection spreads from one part of the ear to other part. Similarly, the dogs may also face complete loss of balance and can faint in case of severe infection.

In spite of the dogs are unable to express their pain and suffering through words, they are quite intelligent to show off their sufferings and discomfort through actions, that can be recognized easily by pet owners. It includes vigorous shaking of head, Scratching the flood and ground, hitting the ground to rub ears, uncommon and strange behaviour, restlessness, etc. It is the ultimate responsibility of the pet owners to take care about the pets and provide appropriate medications.

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