Dog Diarrhea Treatment

Diarrhea in dogs

Dogs are more prone to digestive problems which is characterised by vomiting and diarrhea. Diarrhea in dogs is generally followed by vomiting. Eventually, diarrhoea in dogs is found commonly and frequently in dogs of all breeds. Diarrhoea in dogs can be caused due to various reasons which include change in food habit, feeding allergic foods, certain drugs, health conditions, licking or eating scraps and waste materials, etc. Diarrhea in dogs is found to be the major symptom of several health ailments in dogs.

Treatment of Diarrhea in dogs

In some cases, dog diarrhea treatment is not necessary when there is no change in the behaviour of dogs and there is no symptom of excessive thirst. Moreover, diarrhea in dogs automatically subsides in less than a couple of days. Diarrhea in dogs is caused due to consuming toxic or chemical substances or eating decayed foods are likely to subside in a day or two. In those cases, diarrhea is not a severe condition to be concerned when the dogs eating behaviour is abnormal. Eventually, diarrhea in dogs can be treated by changing the diet. When you notice diarrhea in dogs irrespective of the reason, try to fast your dog for minimum of 12 hours to maximum of 24 hours. Alternatively, you can consider changing diet pattern and foods. Simple dog diarrhea treatment is feeding the dogs with boiled rice and boiled chicken. Feed the dogs with smaller quantity of meals.

Treatment for dog diarrhea from a veterinarian is necessary when the diarrhea is associated with several other symptoms such as continuous episodes of vomiting and diarrhea, frequent diarrhea for more than two days, increased thirst, showing aversion to food, loss of appetite, discharge of blood in stools, etc. Generally, these severe symptoms are developed due to other medical condition being gradually by dogs. For instance, if the dogs are likely to be affected by liver disorder or urinary problems, they tend to drink more water than usual. All these symptoms are likely to lead towards dehydration in dogs. Eventually, treatment for diarrhea in dogs should be provided by veterinarians.   Treatment for dog diarrhea from vets is insisted to eliminate the underlying cause and avoid future complications. Based on the underlying cause of diarrhea, appropriate medications are provided.

As stated earlier, diarrhea is a common condition, whereas bloody diarrhea is a serious health complication in dogs that requires immediate attention from a vet. When the pet owners are able to diagnose the bloody diarrhea, they can try some home remedies like fasting, feed with boiled rice, etc to reduce the suffering. In majority of cases, bloody diarrhea is associated with other health severe health conditions like inflammation of kidneys, irritable bowel syndrome, etc and hence requires treatment from a vet.

Diarrhea in puppies is also most common, where the only difference is puppies experience a painful bowel syndrome, suffer a lot and the condition might become fatal very quickly. The most common question of many pet owners with puppies is how to treat diarrhea in puppies? Treatment of diarrhea in puppies is based on eliminating the underlying causes and following is the list of causes and appropriate treatment of diarrhea in puppies.

  • Food habit – Change in the diet plans and incorporating simple and easy foods in diet
  • Parasites infestation – Treatment from veterinarian is recommended where the parasites are found in stools and when left untreated, it leads towards bloody diarrhea.
  • Giardia Infestation – It is a kind of parasite infection, which infects the intestinal tract of the puppies and result in foul smelled stool. Prescription drugs like anti-protozoan can be provided to suppress the condition and treat the infection.
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