Digestive Problems in Dogs

What is Digestive Problems in Dogs

Digestive problems are one of the commonly found health ailment in dogs. Any occasional or mild digestive problems in dogs are normal condition and require no treatment or remedies. Since the dogs have the habit of licking everything they find on the floor, it is natural to get minor digestive issues. Moreover, they are more likely to get cured automatically. Regrettably, recurrent and frequent incidence of digestive problems in dogs is a warning sign of developing a serious health condition in the near future and hence should be treated immediately. Continue reading to know about the causes, warning signs and symptoms, treatment options and remedial measures on digestive problems in dogs.

Causes of digestive problems in dogs:

Generally, the major causes of digestive problems in dogs are solely attributed to the eating habits and are caused due to following factors.

  • Over eating
  • Sudden change in the diet
  • Decomposed or rotten food
  • Street food, Commercial food, spicy food and salty food
  • Introduction to new food
  • Eating any allergic food. For instance, chocolate is one of the foods that are more allergic to dogs and dogs tends to vomit a lot when they eat chocolates. Chocolate consist of a specific substance called theobromine which causes allergic reaction in dogs.
  • Eating any toxic food or food with chemicals

Other causes of digestive problems in dogs include the following:

  • Reaction to any medication
  • Certain health conditions associated with stomach like bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, liver disorders, pancreatic disorder, gastric torsion or diseases in gastro intestinal tract, etc.
  • Infection in the digestive tract
  • Stress etc.,
  • Any obstruction in the rectum

Symptoms of digestive problems in dogs:

Most of the dogs with digestive problems express their condition through vomiting followed by diarrhea. Eventually, the most common and apparent symptoms of digestive problems in dogs are vomiting or diarrhea or both.

Other signs of the condition include discomfort, change in behaviours, aversion to food, constipation, weariness, etc. Most of the signs of digestive problems in dogs are similar to the symptoms of dog cancer and it is recommended to get appropriate diagnosis from veterinarian for providing appropriate medication.

Cure for digestive problems in dogs:

Vomiting in dogs is actually considered a good thing because dogs tend to vomit only when they eat any harmful substances, which is effective in helping the dogs to get rid of the toxic substance automatically from the body. Unfortunately, if the dogs do not vomit quickly, the condition becomes fatal and the dogs die quickly.  When the dogs tend to vomit, the pet owner can conclude that the dogs have consumed some harmful substances. Eventually, vomiting itself is a cure for digestive problems in dogs.

Treatment for digestive problems in dogs:

When the signs of digestive problems in dogs are repetitive and the dogs are likely to lose weight, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to take the pet for getting consulted about the condition and proper treatment. Treatment is provided based on the underlying cause of the condition, for instance, if the condition is caused to ingestion of foreign objects, antibiotics are prescribed. Similarly, it is caused due to eating rotten food, change in diet is prescribed. On the whole, vets recommend the dietary changes and the quantity of food to be provided to the dogs.


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