Different Types of Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes were firstly introduced in Rome and have now spread all over the world. There are different types of wedding cakes with distinct shapes, colors, prices & different flavours. The cake can be multilayer or single layer. Mostly there are sponges in the bottom layer, chocolate in the middle layer & at the top there is fruit or any cream. History reveals that in a wedding, a groom broke bread on the head of the bride & since then the tradition of wedding cake started. Cutting the cake is the symbol of love between the bride & the groom. By cutting the cake, the couple starts their first task together.

Different Cakes for wedding:

Angel food cake:

It is originated in the U.S in the 19th century. It has an airy structure and hence the name of the cake is Angel food cake. To make this cake, you need eggs, wheat & a tube pan that is round & tall as well & in the centre, there should be a tube so that it creates the hole in the centre of cake. We can decorate it by using sauce & fruit sauce.

Take flour & sugar in a bowl. In another bowl, mix eggs and cream. Start beating the egg so that it creates soft peaks. After that, mix the flour mixture with the egg mixture & keep stirring. Put that mixture in big oven for 40-45 min.

Spice cake:

It is nothing but a combination of the spices. There are different types of flavors like cloves, ginger & many more.

To make a spice cake, first take the butter & put it into the pan & melt it. Take the mixture of flour, baking powder, soda, cloves, salt, sugar etc & stir them together & put the mixture in the oven for 30 min.

Petit four cake:

It originated in France. It is also called as “Small Oven”. There are three types of Petit four cake. They are Petit fours secs (dry), Petit fours glace (iced) & Petit fours sales (salted). The major content is Butter cream.

To make this cake, take baking powder, some salt & flour in a bowl. Add the egg, sugar & butter & mix it proper & keep it into the oven at least 35-40 min. After that remove it & put it on different dish or pan for cooling.

Croquembouche cake:

It originated in France. The cake is full of cream & chocolate. Mostly chocolates are used in this cake. It looks like a pyramid & it is decorated by different kinds of flowers.

These are some different types of wedding cakes. The bride & the groom cut the cake & feed a piece of cake to each other. This indicates that they want to live for each other to share the joy of togetherness.

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