Different Prom Dresses

Are you confused about what style you should don on your prom night? There are a variety of different prom dresses. However whatever style of prom dress you choose, you need to review your physical attributes to decide the right prom dress for you.

different prom dresses

Physical attributes for different prom dresses

Choose the prom dress style taking into consideration your body type. If you are bestowed with height, both short and long dresses suit you. If you are on the short, short dresses look good. If you are on the healthier side, dresses with V neck should be your choice. The color of the dress should complement your skin. If you are white with a crystal clear complexion, it’s good for you to choose light color, like light blue, light yellow, light pink, although, other darks colors will look equally look on you. If you are black, warm colors like green and red are apt for you. If you are wheat color, you can bet on the color white.

Let us now look into different prom dresses so that you can select the one, which is right for you.

Black is Beautiful

The little black dress is classic and can never go out of fashion. A sleek string dress, flirty shift, this chic prom dress is evergreen.

Covering Dresses

A favorite among movie stars, this dress is stunning as well as comfortable. It is a simple dress but if you want to make it an extraordinary one, accessorize it with pearls or diamonds or a mix of pendants.

High-Low Dress

The “high-low” dresses are a great alternative because they are short enough to dance in and long enough to look dressy. The hem is short in the front and longer at the back, and this makes the design different and adorable; you’ll have all eyes set on you!

The Retro Look

you can bring out the retro look with a mega feminine, hip-hugging gown a la Marilyn Monroe. Choose delicate fabrics, like satin or silk, that drapes you well and emphasizes your curves. Carry a clutch purse and peep-toe pumps to give finishing touch to the retro look.

Skirt Rage

Tiered skirts have come a long way. You can opt for an elegant ballroom skirt or the flowing plain dress.

Prom dress is essential part of the prom night. You have different prom dresses to choose from. Know what is the best for you and do a style which speaks a lot about you.

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