Diarrhea in cats

What is diarrhea in cats?

Diarrhea in cats is a problem for both cats as well as for their owners. The word “diarrhea” is usually used to indicate “loose stool,” but it also stands for increased urgency and occurrence. The beginning of signs diarrhea in cats may be abrupt, or increase gradually over days or weeks. Cats may act normally or may become dejected and stop grooming themselves and also stop eating.

Symptoms of diarrhoea in cats

The signs of Diarrhea in cats may also increase and decrease. The manifestation of Diarrhea in cats can range from completely normal, to a down and thin cat with a rough hair coat. Kittens are more expected to have internal parasites, causing diarrhea in cats and kittens though any cat may have them. Kittens are also mischievous and curious, which can mean by accident they may swallow non-food items. Many cats have some types if food intolerances or digestive problems. Different from the popular belief, many cats cannot even digest milk, while other cats cannot bear certain components found in commercial cat food. The enzyme in the body that converts the sugars into  milk, is called lactase, and is active while nursing, but unless milk is given to the cat on an constant basis, this enzyme will stop working , and the cat will no longer be able to digest the milk sugars called lactose intolerance, which results in diarrhea in cats.

Causes of diarrhea in cats

Causes of diarrhea in cats are stomach upset , coccidia ,food allergies ,improper diet, feline leukemia, cow’s milk,  parasites, Giardia, foreign objects causing obstruction ,viruses ,colitis, bacteria and stress. When there is constant diarrhea in cats it produces watery stool, and loses important minerals like electrolytes, chloride, sodium, and potassium .The cat may also loose other bodily fluids like mucus and even there is a discharge of blood in cats’ diarrhea. Predominantly in kittens, dehydration can rapidly set in. If for some cause instant veterinary intervention is not sought, the kitten may even die. When your cat is afflicted with persistent diarrhea in cats, the best method to handle the crisis is to stop it prior to it becomes an even larger trouble. This means an on time vet appointment, a fecal test along with the other tests the vet considers significant to determine the incidence of diarrhea in cats and how to treat diarrhea in cats.

Sometimes medicines and poisons are the causes of diarrhea in cats’. Things like insecticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals if ingested are also the cause of diarrhea in cats. Nevertheless, even the non-toxic substances can cause diarrhea in cats under certain circumstances. Antibiotics are the drugs given to the cat by the vet for treatment for diarrhea in cats but these can also adversely affect the normal supportive bacteria which are present in the intestinal tract. When an antibiotic slaughters these good bacteria, it can be a cause of sterile gut diarrhea in cats. Occasionally the friendly bacteria cultures are administered to the cat to help replace the spoiled local gut bacteria. If your cat develops diarrhea while taking drugs, let your veterinarian know about them.

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