Diabetes Blood Sugar Chart

Diabetes Blood Sugar Chart – Help to Diabetics

Diabetes blood sugar

Diabetes is a critical condition where the blood sugar levels are at an abnormal level due to the body either not being able to produce enough insulin or not being able to absorb the insulin produced in the correct manner.. The cells in the blood are naturally required to absorb the sugar from blood, thereby making the body strong. The sugar in the blood is the energy source for the human body. If this not absorbed into your blood for any reason, the sugar remains in the blood and this increased level of blood sugar causes harm to the humans. Learn more about diabetes blood sugar chart in this writeup.

Diabetes Blood Sugar Chart

Blood sugar level is an important and significant indicator of a person’s health. It is a measure of the amount of glucose in the blood. Glucose is a carbohydrate in the blood, from which our body derives energy. Glucose is the main energy source, affecting the functioning of all vital body systems sensitive to the blood sugar level. This sugar levels can be measured by different tests and put into a blood sugar chart that helps measure your blood sugar levels over time.

How to control blood sugar levels?

Before going into the diabetes blood sugar chart details, let’s see, what the mechanism that helps to control or regulate the blood sugar level. The blood sugar level is controlled by various feedback mechanisms in the human body, primary among which is the insulin-controlled mechanism. There are several catabolic hormones such as human growth hormone, glucagon, cortisol and catecholamines that cause an increase in blood sugar levels, while anabolic hormone insulin, leading to a hypoglycemic. The monitoring mechanism, which monitors the blood sugar level is in the islets of Langerhans, which are part of the liver. Food intake and digestion causes an increase in blood glucose levels of assimilation. If the blood sugar level reaches a peak, the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas come back into play and causes the release of insulin from the beta cells of the liver. Insulin causes a decline in blood glucose levels. So effective balance between the catabolic and has anabolic hormone activity of blood sugar levels.

Problems with the hormone insulin, leads to sustained abnormally high blood sugar (glucose) and the causes of the disease, “diabetes mellitus”. The treatment of this disease involves administration of insulin injections, sometimes the opposite condition known as hypoglycemia, acan be caused due to low blood sugar.

Normal Blood Sugar Chart

Time Blood Sugar Level (mg/dl)

Fasting 80 – 120

Just Before Meals 80 – 120

Approx.2 Hrs After Meals < 140

Before Sleeping 100 – 140

In this chart, Fasting means to check the blood sugar on empty stomach, in the morning.

Diabetes Blood sugar chart is essential and important for a diabetic. The diabetes blood sugar chart also helps medicinal practitioners who are prescribing medicines for you, to decide the medicines.

Such diabetes blood sugar charts, if observed after one month or a typical period, the condition of the patient can be understood. If the diabetes blood sugar chart shows lowering of higher levels of blood sugar after taking timely medicinal help, you can conclude the medicines have helped the patients properly. Again the patient’s blood sugar is checked and the medicines are changed according to the new reports.

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