Dermatologists Acne Treatment

Dermatologists Acne Treatment

Acne Vulgaris is more popularly known as acne. Acne is the most common skin infection and skin diseases developed by people of all age group. Acne is likely to range from very mild bumps to inflamed cystic acne with reddish skin. Acne is caused due to hormonal changes or some health condition like menstruation in women, and is likely to disappear once the causes are eliminated automatically.  Acne not only occurs in face but also in chest, neck, arms, shoulders and back. Mild acne can be treated with over the counter medications, natural and herbal remedies, homemade facial masks, etc. Regrettably, around 20% – 25% of people are affected by severe acne, resulting in permanent physical scars on the skin, where these people need acne treatment from dermatologists.

Getting treatment for acne from dermatologists is recommended for teens who suffer a lot from teenage acne, which is caused due to hormonal changes. Further, mild acne can be transformed into large bumps with cysts causing inflammation and redness of the skin. Sometimes, acne can also be developed due to high level of stress, which is more common in adults in the age group of 30 – 45. Oily skin is more prone to develop acne and it can transform into severe cystic acne quickly. Further, home and natural remedies or over the counter acne products and drugs might not be effective in treating the acne. Some people who have tried some creams or lotions to get rid of acne, which worsen the acne condition instead of curing it. Moreover, inappropriate treatment of acne might have resulted in leaving awkward acne scars and spots. All these people require appropriate acne treatment from dermatologists for getting complete cure from acne and acne scars. Dermatologists’ treatment for acne varies with each individual.

Acne treatment from dermatologists focuses on identifying the underlying causes of acne and the condition that triggered the acne. Based on the diagnosis of underlying cause, appropriate treatment is provided. Generally recommended dermatologists treatment for acne is treating the hormonal imbalance. Similarly, people with acne caused due to oily skin are recommended with dermatologists’ treatment of acne for treating the oily skin.

Dermatologists based on evaluating the cause and severity of acne prescribes range of suitable treatment options to choose from. It includes prescription of oral medications like antibiotics, contraceptives for women, suggestion to change the soaps and detergents, lotions and creams, body spray, etc.

Men and women are treated with different outlook by dermatologists. Women with severe acne are required to describe about their menstrual period, where the condition gets triggered before menstruation. Men are likely to trigger the condition by themselves by improper or lethargic shave and they are asked to explain about their shaving habits, the creams they use, etc.

In adult women, acne is treated by prescription of oral contraceptives by dermatologists. However, before prescribing the birth control pills, the dermatologists ensure the health condition of the women and discuss with her about the effects of oral contraceptives. Further, they are not prescribed for women with no child or who are expecting a child.

People suffer from very severe cystic acne with swollen bumps and redness of skin are recommended with physical treatments which includes laser acne removal, acne surgery, photo dynamic therapy, dermabrasion, etc

Regardless of the different types of acne treatment recommended by dermatologists, it is the responsibility of the patient to follow the instructions and directions of the doctors and act accordingly. Further, almost all degrees of dermatologists treatment for acne is extended with changes in diet, which should be invariably followed.

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