Dating tips for women

Different women have different parameters on which they access the qualities of men. If you are out there in the dating market, beware there is a jungle out there. Know how to streamline your search to find the ultimate date. Dating tips for women provided here will help you evaluate your date and decide on the fate on the relationship. You might want to stay away from these men.

Dating Tips for Women

Not your type:

He may have the looks and the girls might go ga-ga over him. But is he your type? Is he your definition of a perfect guy? Test him. Judge, analyze and assess his qualities to know if he is the best. If he is not the one, don’t waste time. Move away from him, as he is not an eligible dating partner.

Wants to change you:

This man probably has too many problems with you. He just tends to ignore all the good qualities you have and always bring to notice and crib about all your bad qualities. Beware of a man who tells you to modify your mind and body. Don’t compromise. Take permanent leave from men, who have too many problems with you.

Boasts of understanding you:

If you are dating a man who claims that he understands you completely, then he is probably lying.  You are God’s beautiful and complicated creation. You cannot possibly be completely understood by anybody. All this man is trying to do is convince you about his knowledge about you and by pretending that he knows all about you he tries to boost his own ego. Stay away from him.

Have eyes for other women:

Most men have a roving eye.  Men always a cunning smile and a disgraceful sparkle on their faces, while staring at other women. If your date stares at other women in your presence, it clearly states that he really doesn’t care how you would react. Think again! Is it really worth keeping this such itinerant-eyed man?

Loaded with appointments:

Steer clear from men who have their dairy full of appointments. If your date with this man keeps on postponing due to his busy schedule, you would probably have to wait for a whole life to date him. Leave him to his eventful life and you move on.

Makes you uncomfortable:

The man you date has superior looks and attractive personality. You do not match him in the looks and personality department. You may not feel comfortable in his company as people pass nasty comments at the mismatched personalities. Save your individuality and don’t let anybody ridicule you.

Cheap deal:

If the man you are dating looks at the balance in his wallets, brings inexpensive gifts every time, takes you to some cheapskate places and allows you to pay the bills most of the times. Don’t feed this parasite, let him go.

Keep your search for the perfect guy on. If there are some qualities you can don’t want in your man, don’t compromise. Dating tips for women suggest that you wait till you get the most refined breed of perfect dating men.

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