Dark Yellow Urine in Dogs

Dark Yellow Urine In Dogs

Many dog owners wonder about the causes and the meaning of dark yellow urine in dogs. As the dogs cannot express themselves through words as humans can, it is the responsibility of a dog owner, to make sure that the dog enjoys the best of health. The dog owner must always be on a lookout for signs and symptoms of poor health and must ensure that the pet is well looked after. There could be a range of pointers of poor health in a dog. Dark yellow urine in dogs is one such sign or indicator that may point towards poor health. Urine means the waste products in the body that are filtered from the blood and removed out of the body, while the essential nutrients are reabsorbed into the bloodstream. The color of the urine of a dog can sometimes provide valuable knowledge on the status of the health of your dog. If the dog’s urine is dark yellow in color and also has a strong and pungent smell, the best thing to do is to take your dog to a vet for examination. Let us now discuss more on what causes dark yellow urine in dogs.

Causes of dark yellow urine in dogs

The presence of kidney stones in dogs can block the channel of urine and cause painful urination. In addition to bladder problems and the kidney stones in dogs, liver problems could also be accountable for the alteration in the color of your dog’s urine. Jaundice in dogs is one such state that may be responsible for the change in the color of urine from pale yellow to dark yellow. Other problem like pancreas problems, urinary tract infection diabetes, or hemolytic anemia also comes in the list of complaints that may be a cause of change in the urine odor as well as color of urine in the dog.

The shade of the urine is a sign of the kidney function in the body. In the usual conditions, the urine of the dog must not be concentrated and the color of the urine must be light yellow in color. Dehydration is one of the common causes of dark yellow urine and dark yellow urine may be pinpointing of dehydration happening in your dog. Loss of fluids could take place in hot weather, or may also happen due to situations like vomiting or diarrhea. If fluid loss that takes place in dogs due to urination, breathing, panting or evaporation through the feet or other parts body is not compensated, the body of the dog tries to retain fluids and thus, causing the urine to become concentrated. The color of urine in dogs may alter from pale yellow to dark yellow under such conditions.

As we have seen that the main cause of dark yellow urine in dogs is due to dehydration, the dog owners must watch the dog’s intake of water and make sure that their pet is well hydrated at all times. For other problems like pancreas problems, urinary tract infection diabetes, or hemolytic anemia and kidney stone the dog owner should visit a good and experienced vet.

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