Cystic Fibrosis Diabetes

What is Cystic fibrosis diabetes

Cystic fibrosis refers to an inherited and genetic condition which is characterised by production or secretion of thick mucus accumulated in the digestive system and the lungs. The gene of cystic fibrosis was identified in the year 1989. The discovery of the condition has facilitated several examinations, clinical research and test to offer better treatment methods to cure and control Cystic fibrosis diabetes. People diagnosed with cystic fibrosis genes have very limited lifespan, which is estimated at less than 25 years. However, advanced medical research and treatments have increased the lifespan of people with cystic fibrosis genes to 40 years. Unfortunately, increased life span with this gene has higher risk of getting exposed with several other health conditions where osteoporosis and diabetes are common.

So what is cystic fibrosis diabetes? It is nothing but the diabetic condition developed by the people with cystic fibrosis gene. Cystic fibrosis diabetes refers to inadequate production of insulin or inability of the body to use the insulin the blood sugar i.e glucose, resulting in increasing in the blood sugar level. Most of the adults diagnosed with cystic fibrosis have some extent of diabetes, which is the cystic fibrosis diabetes. Cystic fibrosis diabetes is a unique type of diabetes developed only by people with this condition. Cystic fibrosis diabetes is congenital diabetes, which is developed by inheritance. Even though the condition is an inherited disease, it does not begin to develop in children. The condition is likely to develop in adulthood, where the pancreas fails to function properly in insulin production.

Since Cystic fibrosis diabetes is developed only by people with this unique gene, there are no other evident causes of cystic fibrosis diabetes. Even thought the condition is somewhat similar to typical diabetes mellitus, it is different from the common diabetic condition. Moreover, Cystic fibrosis diabetes condition is likely to be a combination of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, which is characterised by insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent condition respectively.

Moreover, Cystic fibrosis diabetes can worsen when the infected people are exposed with some chronic infections, frequent intake of steroids and anti-inflammatory or painkillers and increased level of cortisol.

What are the symptoms of cystic fibrosis diabetes.

The signs of cystic fibrosis diabetes are similar to the signs of diabetes mellitus, which include increased thirst and urine, loss of weight and appetite, general weakness and fatigue, etc. The condition is quite difficult to diagnose because all these symptoms appear in people who have this gene. Eventually, the condition can be diagnosed only by checking the blood sugar levels.

Are there any risk factors associated with cystic fibrosis diabetes?

As stated earlier, cystic fibrosis diabetes is likely to be the combination of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. In most cases, it is developed as type 2 diabetes, when the same left undiagnosed and untreated, the condition might lead towards insulin dependent diabetic condition. Further, it also leads towards several health complications which is developed commonly in diabetic condition, including blurred vision, weakened immune system leading towards developing several diseases, coma, and sometimes turn out to be a fatal condition.

How cystic fibrosis diabetes is treated?

Being a genetic condition with unique gene, the condition has no obvious treatment for complete cure. Fortunately, treatment for cystic fibrosis diabetes is offered to reduce the blood sugar level. The treatment is provided in combination of insulin injections, diet and physical activities. People with cystic fibrosis diabetes should go for a high fat and high calorie diet, which is too uncommon for diabetic condition. The dietary changes are supplemented by offering high doses of insulin injections and physical activities and exercises. It is recommended to get the appropriate diet plans with physicians as well as nutritionists.

Is it possible to prevent cystic fibrosis diabetes?

Getting cystic fibrosis gene by inheritance cannot be prevented, whereas cystic fibrosis diabetes can be prevented. Prevention of cystic fibrosis diabetes includes proper diet and physical activities, to control the blood sugar level.

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