What are Cornrows?

Cornrows are also known as ‘Canerows’, it’s a traditional hairstyle of the African people and in Cornrows the hair is beaded very close to the scalp with the use of an underhand. Cornrows usually go in straight lines and they form continuous raised rows of hair. There are simple Cornrows hairstyle and complex ones too. The simple Cornrows can be turned to complex ones with some practice. There can be curvy Cornrows hairstyles too.

Cornrows hairstyles are quite like French Hairstyles, usually we can see people who are African Americans wearing this hairstyle. However, Cornrows can suit anyone; absolutely anybody who needs a bit of creativity with hairstyles can wear Cornrows. Remember Kim Kardashian’s Cornrows hairstyle? Doesn’t it look great on her? Now even you can wear one of those stylish Cornrows hairstyles. One of the main reasons why people wear Cornrows hairstyles is because it’s so easy to maintain and its so convenient to wear. Your hair doesn’t get messy for like days. If you are going on a trek you can easily wear one of those Cornrows hairstyles. It has been proven that hairstyles actually help your hair from not getting frizzy. This is another reason why people opt for Cornrows hairstyles. It works best for a bad-hair-day. Even those people with super curly hair can try one the Cornrows hairstyle. In fact Cornrows hairstyles look great on curly haired people, theya re tagged as cute!

Cornrow Hairstyles for Women

Women love to wear the Cornrows hairstyle, in fact a lot of women get their hair curled so that they can wear the Cornrows hairstyles with ease. To get a Cornrows pattern won’t be difficult, since you have deicded to get a Cornrows hairstyle. You can opt for larger Cornrows if your hair is very thick, and the thinner Cornrows hairstyles if your hair is thin. The zig-zag pattern for Cornrows hairstyles are very common and hugely popular among the teens. It s totally upto you the way you want your Cornrows to be. For starters you can try the larger braids of Cornrows and slowly move on to the Cornrows micro braids. You can also try the large braid that is a combo of small Cornrows braids and make one near the nape of your neck. You can make a high Cornrows ponytail or else a French roll would look awesome for Cornrows hairstyles for women.

Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

Cornrows hairstyles are hugely popular with men too, just like they are with women. Cornrows stress on the masculinity of these men and women refer this to be quite ‘hot’. Usually people with a wider jaw line must wear Cornrows hairstyle. If you have lengthened your hair to wear the Cornrows hairstyle, that too would look amazing. Men can also wear Cornrows hairstyles by making a Cornrows ponytail near the nape.

Cornrows hairstyle for small boys and girls

This is for all moms here, Cornrows is completely safe for small boys and girls in fact it looks gorgeous on them. It’s a no hassle and can be worn as and when they want. You can forget about their hair for like week after you make them wear Cornrows hairstyle. It s a must for moms to know how to make the Cornrows hairstyle.

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