Copper Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Copper Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes tips

So you are wondering what Smokey eye would suit your gorgeous Blue eyes huh? You have certainly come to the right place. Blue Eyes no doubt look the most gorgeous even without make up. But what if you could accentuate your eyes using the great makeup techniques? In the case of Copper Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes it looks even more gorgeous. This is because copper is sultry, and even though not necessarily darker than your eye color it is certainly tangier. This will accentuate your eye color immensely. In fact, isn’t it the same Smokey eye that Katherine Heigl wears? In order to get the eye makeup like Katherine Heigl, you need to religiously follow the following steps.

How to apply Copper Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

1. Choose your eye shadow wisely. Use the copper or a lighter shade of copper eye shadow, for the perfect Copper Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes.

2. After you have chosen your eye shadow, you need to choose a powdery eye shadow, since it’s certainly much easier to blend them together. If you use a creamy texture for an eye shadow, it becomes all the more difficult to blend them together.

3. Generally, for all other make up types you need to apply the foundation on your face before the eye makeup, in the case of Copper Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes, it’s the opposite, and you need to first apply the eye make up and then the foundation and the lip gloss. Or else its big possibility that your eyes will look like that of a raccoon.

4. Apply a thin layer of creamy foundation on your eye lids, before you start the process of Copper Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes, this will give your eyes and very clean look. It will also help your eyes not to crease.

5. For that Katerine Heigl look, you need to line both your lids with eyeshadow, try to minimalise it with the lower lid. Apply the lighter shades of bronze rather than the darker. You can slowly try to increase the shade of bronze in your deep blue eyes.

6. While applying the bronze eye shadow, you could slowly smudge as you go on both of your eyelids. You need to try and soften the lines of the eye shadow and prevent them from looking very harsh. You the tip of a sponge or a cotton bud to smudge.

7. You then need to apply some eyeliner. Use powdered eyeliner and preferably black. When using darker colors, they make your eyes look really small; you could probably try opening your eyes while you put your eyes while you apply eyeliner.

8. You can now apply the eye shadow using a large brush; this will add volume to your eyes, try using a darker shade of Bronze this time around. Blend as you go, and blend towards the upper part of your eye lid.

9. When you are done doing this, you could probably use an eye lash curler and keep it for a while.

10. You finally need to apply two or three coats of mascara to complete your look.

Smokey Eyes are meant to be the only attraction on the face. Go with the nude colors while you are applying lip gloss. It will certainly look classy.

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