Copper Eye Makeup Ideas

The copper eye makeup look has been taking major events by storm. Stars like Mila Kunis, Blake Lively and Olivia Wilde were all looking starry eyed in copper eye makeup. How you wished you too were able to sport a look of that kind since change is always welcome. Let me tell you, it’s only child’s play to get those perfect eyes using copper eye makeup’s. There may be many who give you ideas for copper eye makeup but be informed that if you are planning to go to some place special, with someone special, practice how you can do the copper eye makeup, without spoiling the show for yourself. Since, eye makeup once ruined can be really disastrous.

Copper eye makeup ideas

Copper like other colors like bronze, silver and gold is a great shade for eye makeup. It scores the praises when paired with both formal and elegant styles.

How to apply copper eye makeup :

Follow these simple steps on how to apply copper eye makeup

• Prepare a uniform matte base for your eyes. Something like brown, nothing more pretty than pairing a glamorous color with a natural one. Use a primer base if possible.

• Line the lower lashes with a tinge of black that will make your bronze stand out.

• Dust the gold shadow from the inside corner of the upper eye lid up to a little more than half of the total length of the lid, for the perfect copper eye makeup.

• Next you are to dust the copper eye shadow from the outside corner of the upper lid up to a little more than half of the upper lid.

• Do it in such a way that the gold and the copper eye shadow overlap.

• You can use your finger tip to blend this absolutely gently.

• Next line the upper lash line with a copper eye liner.

• Do not forget to apply two or three coats of mascara to make your lashes appear longer and thicker. Brush them so that they are visible.

• Polish them and make your lashes look thicker and longer. This can be done by using the latest lash enhancer in the market.

As a finishing touch for your copper eye makeup, cover the areas around your eyes with translucent powder, this will help you mask your beauty flaws and further enhance your copper eye makeup in a beautiful way.

Change is of essence here. Copper eye makeup’s can turn you from ‘Plain Jane’ to a Sultry Diva, to leave you looking spellbound in public. Put a little amount of copper eye makeup under the Brow bone to brighten up your eyes further. Copper makeup is meant to transform you and boost the makeup effect. Of course the copper eye makeup must be flawless be it in the night time or the day time, the secret is to sport it properly without making any errors. If you do manage this well, you will soon be the ‘Starry eyed girl’.

Do not overdo the foundation, since the focus must be on the copper eye makeup. Let your eyes do the speaking. Let the copper eye makeup frame your face in the right manner so as to accentuate your features. It may not be that easy to pull off the metallic look, but with some care and practice you will be just fine.

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