Congenital Heart Diseases

Congenital heart diseases

Congenital Heart diseases is a certain defect in the heart structure. This is a defect that is present from birth. This is condition wherein the blood flow from the heart is obstructed and thus the blood flows to the heart in an abnormal manner. Congenital heart diseases may also affect the rhythm in which the heart beats. Its one of the most common defect that a baby suffers during birth. A baby may also die because of this defect in the heart; this is why almost 9-12 babies are born with a Congenital heart disease. Most of the time these congenital heart diseases don’t need treatment however, in some cases especially the complex ones, congenital heart diseases require surgical treatments.

Congenital heart diseases are known to be divided into two types: One is Cynotic, which is the discoloration of the blood due to lack of oxygen, the other is called non-cynotic.

The causes of congenital Heart disease are known to be genetic or else even environmental. However, in some cases both these factors play an important role in the causation of congenital diseases in babies.

Causes of congenital heart diseases

Most of the causes of congenital heart diseases in babies are very sporadic, one may hardly realize at which stage of birth the baby’s heart is affected. In fact, it could be in the process of cell formation, or during the process of changes in the position of the baby in the uterus of the mother. In case the mother of the foetus has been exposed to a alcoholism or else smoking habits the foetus has its chances of getting the congenital heart disease. There have been cases of maternal illnesses that have caused congenital heart diseases in children.

Signs and symptoms of Congenital Heart Diseases

The signs and symptoms of congenital heart diseases are closely related to how severe the case of congenital heart diseases is. It is very possible that some cases of congenital heart diseases may go without being detected for a long time, in some cases throughout the individual’s life. The cases of symptoms are generally children show absolutely no signs of Congenital heart diseases show no signs for quite an extended period of time. However, it may be noted that, some others may show some signs such as shortness of breath, heart murmurs, poor feeding or other range of respiratory weaknesses and infections. These symptoms can at times be understood by a method called Auscultation. This is not a guaranteed method to find all heart murmurs that are caused due to the presence of Congenital Heart Diseases.

Congenital Heart Diseases can cause innumerable complications in the heart, that may affect the heart for a long period of time or a considerably shorter period of time. It generally affects babies; this is why Congenital Heart Diseases are very common among babies.

Treatment congenital heart diseases

The treatment of congenital heart diseases may not be very simple. In some cases the condition of the patient improves with time, and sometimes the defect in the heart is so miniscule that it may not require any treatment. In case of serious congenital heart disease the patient is required to go through surgery or else is kept under observations and medications as prescribed by the physician. For medications diuretics are prescribed by the doctors since it helps the fetus to remove salts and water from the body which in turn strengthens the contractions in the heart of the baby. Sometimes the doctors are forced to adhere to surgical methods to restore the circulation of the heart back to normal. In some extreme cases the doctors even adhere to multiple surgeries.

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