Comfortis for Cats

Comfortis for cats is tablet which is chewable and used as a medication for flea control in cats. Ctenocephalides felis is the name of the most widespread flea that troubles both dogs and cats. Fleas stick on to the skin of the cat and nourish on vital nutrients present in the blood of the cat. Therefore it is important to use Comfortis for cats to treat them in case of flea infestations in cats. In addition to this the cats are liable to build up flea allergy dermatitis if their skin is hypersensitive to the saliva secreted by flea. Comfortis for cats is a good remedy for this. Dermatitis in cats ultimately causes severe itching and skin lacerations in cats. In order to manage fleas it’s essential to use medicines like Comfortis for cats in order to kill the fleas in all stages of their life cycle.

Now the questions arises that should you administer this drug to cats? Comfortis has spinosad as the active ingredient that successfully kills adult fleas soon after first administration of the medication. Comfortis is a medicine that is prescribed and is available in tablet form and comes in varying potencies. The main thing which should be kept in mind while administering this medication, is this medicine is given according to the weight of the cat, therefore it is very important that the medication is used according to the instructions of the vet. The period of treatment is also determined by the vet. Comfortis is formulated particularly for use in dogs. The cat owners should stay away from using products labeled for dogs on cats as the dosage of the drug varies and cats may suffer from poisoning. Spinosad which is the main ingredient of the drug may also fail to help certain pets. Cat owners should always read and pursue package instructions on the usage of Comfortis and report to the vet if the cat experiences any strange side-effects.

The majority of cat owners who have used Comfortis have found that it exceeded more than their anticipations. When all other flea medications failed, Comfortis for cats worked and they found this new pill to be a lovely surprise. Many cat owners who have used Comfortis, were delighted to find that not only did it worked to get rid of the fleas, but it also started  killing them almost at once. Within hours of administering comfortis, they were finding the dead fleas just falling off of their cat’s skin and fur. One user of Comfortis for cats in particular was pleased to find that her cat recommenced eating and playing again, after being dejected for nights on end. Out of all the reviews that have been printed on this drug, nearly every single one of them had something constructive to say- and more than three fourth of the users of Comfortis for cats sang its praises. Comfortis is an extremely useful once-a-month pill for flea control in cats and dogs. The drug circulates in the bloodstream of the cat and kills fleas when they bite the cat. Fleas frequently bite, so Comfortis also works very fast. Comfortis for cats is the only monthly flea product that is helpful and stays completely within the cats so that you and your family are not exposed to it.

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