Climate Change & Global Warming

Climate change & global warming is the latest concern on everyone’s mind. It is seen that air pollutants from fossil fuel used by us, create clouds that reflect the sun’s rays reverse into space. This is known as ‘global dimming’ thus a reduced amount of heat and energy reaches the earth. Global dimming is hiding the true influence of Climate change & global warming. For years, many business hubs have poured a lot of resources into questioning what has generally been accepted for a long time as genuine. Now, the majority are worried about climate change impacts and the discourse seems to have shifted hence. Some big businesses that once occupied in disinformation campaigns have even changed their outlooks, some even requesting governments for directives and direction on this matter.

climate change & global warmingA means suggested for tackling Climate change & global warming has been the idea of using Carbon Sinks to soak up carbon dioxide. To abet in this, reforestation has been suggested. This is an admired plan for the logging industry and nations with large forests interests. Learn more about climate change & global warming here.

Climate Change & Global Warming:

Climate Change Affects Biodiversity

Rapid global warming affect an ecosystems chance to settle in naturally. The Arctic is especially sensitive to climate change. Ocean biodiversity are being affected, at the same time, as are further parts of the ecosystem. One kind of ecosystem that is uncared more than any other is perhaps also the richest in biodiversity- the coral reefs that are valuable to the environment and to people in a number of ways.

Scientists concur that our planet is undergoing major climate change. They also agree that the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere  have significantly elevated. Satellite images and research reflect that the ice caps are melting at a much faster rate than before, and weather patterns are altering. We’ll see typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones increasing in frequency and ferocity. The deserts will enlarge and the world will ultimately see a decline in food production. No doubt, we have to modify the way we live. Global warming, should be dealt with an approach based on the precautionary principle that states- “if the possible consequences of an action are stern or irreversible, in the dearth of full scientific certainty the load of proof falls on those who would advocate taking the action”.

It is to be understood that one hot year does not prove anything. The fact that every one of the twelve hottest years on record has appeared since 1998 is a little serious to wave off. 2010, the wettest year ever, corresponding to the expectation that higher heat means more vapour. More countries set national high-temperature records in 2010 than ever before.

The thesis that increasing global temperature due to Climate change & global warming  data were due to a greenhouse effect produced by industrial emissions of CO2 and other gases, and thus leading to environmental disasters, was something we first encountered as a mind-swaping idea being thrown around by scientists in the early1980s. The first time we heard a scientist firmly state that the proof was in, and that global warming was true, was when James Hansen boasted it while introducing his research to Congress in 1988. That was indeed too daring a claim for Mr Hansen to make at that time since it was very clearly falsifiable. Decades were just passed with little or no attention to the issue. Rather people took much time to get convinced. It’s now  time to fold our sleeves and act instead of watching the show. Let’s offer a better earth to our next generations by wiping the threat of Climate change & global warming.

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