Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth

How to clean your dogs teeth

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is very important it’s a practice that not all dog-owners adopt this is why it becomes really difficult to maintain the hygiene factor of the dogs. Cleaning the teeth is one of the most neglected activities of a dog. The dental hygiene of a dog is generally much neglected; this could lead to grave health issues in a dog. In order to avoid such circumstances cleaning your Dogs Teeth must become a regular practice. All family members in fact must learn how to clean your Dogs Teeth, so that the responsibility solely does not fall in your purview. Just like we clean our teeth regularly, cleaning your Dogs Teeth is also very important.

Tips to clean your dogs teeth

In case you adhere to Cleaning your Dogs Teeth at home, it can reduce your regular trips to your vet. However, going to the vet is also a good option at times for the purpose of cleaning your Dogs Teeth. Vets adhere to Cleaning your Dogs Teeth under the general anesthesia; however, this can be quite expensive. It is best to begin cleaning your Dogs Teeth at home as often as possible. Its not that difficult and it is a matter of practice both for you and your dog. Once you both get the hang of the procedure its rather simple to execute it.

Cleaning your Dogs Teeth

A lot of diseases that your dog becomes prone to are related to dental related problems. These are not very different from the problems faced by human dental related problems. Problems like tarter and plaque are some of the diseases that occur due to not cleaning your Dogs Teeth. Then there are diseases like periodontal diseases that can be avoided if you regularly happen to get used to Cleaning your Dogs Teeth. Oral diseases are vital to be avoided as they can spread and result in problems of gum in dogs due to not cleaning your Dogs Teeth.

Cleaning your Dogs Teeth should be an experience of a kind for you as well as your dog. Don’t force anything on to him. Just be sure that you are able to do it well. You need to buy a dog toothpaste that contains: chlorhexidine, zinc gluconate and hexametaphosphate. You need to keep encouraging your dog every time he lets you brush his teeth. This way he will know it is a good thing to clean its teeth.

The things you need are basic brushes and sponges and a good tooth paste. You need to allow your dog to lick and understand the taste of the toothpaste off your finger. By doing this it will understand you are going to be doing that more often. You need to pat and make it sure that you are liking all that it does and you appreciate every thing. That way the dog will be encouraged to do the action again and again. You need to try the different flavors available for toothpastes and see to it that the dog likes the flavor of the toothpaste that you have chosen for it.

You need to place some thing against your dog’s teeth for adequate Cleaning of your Dogs Teeth. Rub some paste onto its canines in the front first. Continue to appreciate his efforts to show his teeth. Once you practice this, you will soon get a hang of this exercise within no time.

After a week or two you need to start intensifying the process of brushing and Cleaning your Dogs Teeth. You need to start moving the brush back and forth as the process of brushing goes. Make sure there are stages in cleaning your Dogs Teeth, you need to be patient and very appreciating while you cross each of these steps.

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