Chronic Heart Failure

What is chronic heart failure

Heart failure which is also known as congestive heart failure or CHF in chronic state is called as chronic heart failure. Heart failure is nothing but the diseased condition of the heart where it cannot supply the sufficient amount of blood to the body. Heart failure is a diseased condition of the heart due to a number of factors ranging from ischemic heart disease to myocardial infarction. Heart failure as the name suggests is a condition where the heart fails to properly function. Learn more about heart failure and what is chronic heart failure.

Chronic heart failure

Chronic heart failure is a condition which can prove fatal and has the ability makes the patient disable. Heart failure is a term used universally for the decreased output or work done by the heart and its inability to meet the needs of supplying blood to various body parts.

Symptoms of chronic heart failure

The common symptoms of heart failure are difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath and swelling in legs. Heart failure is caused mainly because of lifestyle related problem. There are several diseases which are responsible for the heart failure like coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, alcohol intake, heart valve disorders are certain conditions which cause the heart failures. Congestive heart failure affects many parts of the body as the weakened heart muscles are not able to supply the required quantity of blood to every part. Diminished kidney function, congestion in lungs due to fluid accumulation, liver problems, intestinal problem are some of the complications arising due to chronic heart failure.

Diagnosis of chronic heart disease

Diagnosis of chronic heart failure is done by various methods. There are no single criteria for diagnosis of chronic heart failure. Ultrasound or echocardiography is generally done as a support for clinical diagnosis of chronic heart failure. X -rays of the chest are also used to diagnose chronic heart failure. An electrocardiogram is used to identify the other disease like ischemic heart disease which are related to chronic heart failure. Blood samples are taken and tested for electrolytes, liver functions, renal functions and other test which indicates conditions like fluid retention in liver etc associated with chronic heart failure. After analyzing various aspects different criteria popular are used to arrive at a conclusion.

Treatment of Chronic heart failure

Treatment for chronic heart failure primarily focuses on symptomatic treatment and stopping the further growth of the chronic heart failure. The treatment options of chronic heart failure comprises of lifestyle modifications, medicines and surgical procedures in some cases. Making the impaired blood circulation right to various parts of the body is the primary goal for treatment of chronic heart failure. The medicinal treatment of chronic heart failure may contain the combination of vasodilators, ACE inhibitors and diuretics. Life style changes are very important in the treatment of the chronic heart failure. Sodium intake should me monitored and food intake should be adjusted accordingly. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided and a balanced diet should be given to the patient suffering from chronic heart failure. Aerobic exercises should be done by the patient in order to increase oxygen supply to the various parts of the body. In certain cases surgical procedures becomes necessary and sometime even heart transplant is required.

Chronic heart failure is not a condition which can be taken lightly as it can prove to be fatal and can even render the patient disable. Treatment fro an experienced cardiologist is must to treat the disease.

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