Choosing a Tattoo Location

Choosing a tattoo location is a tricky task. You do not want ruin your tattoo by placing it in a place that you cannot flaunt. So before you ink yourself, decide the ideal place so that you do justice to the design of the tattoo. You might have a lot of people choosing the tattoo location for you, however, the tattoo is going to be on your body, so the final decision should be yours.  Keep these following tips in mind before choosing a tattoo location.

Choosing a Tattoo Location

Tattoo design: Keep in mind the design of the tattoo. Decide on which part of the body, that particular design would look nice. Circular shaped tattoos look great on the arms, thighs, arms, shoulders and around the belly button. Longer shaped tattoos like daggers or crosses is a big no-no for your belly button but look amazing if inked on the shoulder, arm, or calf.

Body type: Our body changes over a period of time. Before you ink yourself, keep in mind, the possible body changes that might occur. So if you want to tattoo you belly, think how it would look like after you have a baby. Age also play an important role in making your skin sag. Keep all that in mind while choosing a tattoo location. 

Career wise: Make sure that the choice of your tattoo doesn’t hamper your growth chances. While choosing a tattoo location and design, keep in mind your future career prospects. If you are a high ranking official in a corporate set up, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have any tattoos on your body. However, be career wise and choose a design and place that can be easily hidden behind the formal clothes when you take or attend meetings.

Know the pain area: Some areas of the body are more painful than the others. An area where the skin is close to the bone hurts the most. Head, neck and lower back are the most painful areas.

Tattooing is a body art, if done in the right place can do wonders to your personality. Choosing a tattoo location is your personal choice and so is the design of the tattoo. However, you may want to go through the tips mentioned above before choosing a tattoo location.

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