Cheerleader Makeup Tips

Cheerleader makeup

So you’re a Cheerleader! You know the moment you enter that bracket you need to look your best. This is needless to say. Appearances are what cheerleaders thrive on and that’s why we have some useful cheerleader makeup tips handy for you.

Cheerleader makeup tips

As a cheerleader you are the centre of the attention of scores of people. In face you will have people looking out for you more than they look out for the game. Be it at a competition or a game or be it a try out, you need to be on your toes where as your cheerleader makeup is concerned. In fact, your hectic lifestyle demands you to be at your best, in such a way that your cheerleader makeup, cosmetics, hair and the entire appearance quotient does not take up much of your time. Let’s look at some useful cheerleader makeup tips that help you enhance your beauty.

Follow these simple cheerleader makeup tips we have lined up for you.

Cheerleader makeup tips for face:

Cheerleaders always have that Just-Did-A-Two-Kilometers-Run-in-the-cool-wind sort of a look. Maintain that. Pick a shade of blush that matches pink shades; so that even if you are really flushed it cannot be noticed. The shade must match pinched cheeks. Apply the blush over the foundation and don’t overdo it or else you’ll have pretty disastrous results. Make up that you can use are concealers if required, powder, tinted moisturizer. Choose your base makeup well, whatever the base you chose apply it minimally, and choose a base which is ‘bit’ darker than your skin tone. Blend the base with your jaw line with a blending brush. Do blend well so that the makeup does not look patchy.

Cheerleader makeup tips for eyes:

let’s say for the eyes apply an eyeshadow first. Use an eye shadow that is close to the color of your skin tone. Spread it over the entire eye socket. Try adding darker colors in the corners. Colors such as Mild dark-browns or grays would be awesome. Use a lighter, shimmer gold for your brow bone. Having perfect arched eyebrows would help. Then trace a thin line of Black Liquid eyeliner along the upper part of your top eye lid and end it with a tick upwards. The eye make will be complete with a couple of coats of black volumniznig mascara.

Cheerleader makeup tips for lips:

this is one part which I guess will be good if left the way it is. Use a nice lip gloss, something like baby pink of maroonish. It will do wonders. Do not use lipstick, it will tend to look stale after an hour or so.

Cheerleader makeup tips for Hair:

wear your hair straight, and if you are planning to color it use a lighter Brown/ golden shade. It would be great. Do not try to the curl them or do anything else. Probably you could try wearing a high pig tail. It will look real cute.

Finally, for a cheerleader, remember, less is more. Don’t overdo any of the makeup tips given above as you may face discomfort.

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