Causes of Vomiting in Dogs

Vomiting is a quite common problem experienced in dogs and puppies. Vomiting in dogs is caused by several reasons, in which the main reason is attributed with the gastric causes. Dogs generally vomit due to different diet or consumption or swallowing some uncommon things, disorders or complications in stomach, parasites, etc. Further, vomiting in dogs is found to be one of the major symptoms of several diseases in dogs, which is caused due to accumulation of toxins in the bloodstream. Let us see the causes of vomiting in dogs in detail:

Common causes of vomiting in dogs:

There are numerous causes of vomiting in dogs and the major causes are gagging and hacking, regurgitation, and dropping water and food. Dogs might regurgitate the foods due to any infection or problems in the throat, esophagus or in the food pipe that carries the food from the throat to the stomach. Other common causes of vomiting in dogs include the following:

  • Any object got stuck in the esophagus in dogs
  • Esophagus are constricted by the blood vessels
  • Narrowness of esophagus
  • Large esophagus in abnormal size
  • Birth defect, which is common in many puppies

Other causes of vomiting in dogs are classified into three categories namely, simple, complex and obscure or obvious. Since the dogs are quite active and wander here and there constantly, it is quite obvious that it can eat anything from anywhere. For instance, it can eat something from garbage bag, which is torn apart. This also includes eating grass. Most of the dogs are likely to eat grass from the lawn and vomit, which is quite common. Unfortunately, when the lawn is sprayed with any pesticides or any herbicides, seeking immediate attention is imperative. This condition of eating and vomiting is referred as “something the dogs ate” and also referred as dietary indiscretion. Eating very fast is also the quite simple and obvious causes of vomiting in dogs.

Vomiting in dogs is also caused in empty stomach. Vomiting in dogs in empty stomach is referred as bilious vomiting. Empty stomach in vomiting is generally occurs in dogs in the morning.

There are few drugs and certain medications also causes vomiting in dogs. It includes the following:

  • Pain relievers namely butazolidin, etogesic, aspitin, carprofen, etc.
  • There are certain drugs that are toxic drugs. Hence, it is not recommended to give the following drugs and pain relievers. It not only cause vomiting in dogs, but also leads towards damaging the kidney and liver. Those drugs are ibuprofen, Aleve, and antibiotic drugs.

If your dog vomits more than three times in an hour or more than eight times in around 8 hours, it is obvious that you should carry the dog to veterinarian immediately.

Vomiting caused by birth defect has no effective medicines and treatment. However, the condition can be cured by changing the diet and the way the puppy is fed. One good choice is make the puppies to eat the food by raising the head. Further, it is good to feed with smaller portions and change the diet with high calorie food.


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