Causes of Dog Vomiting Bile

What are the causes of dog vomiting bile

A dog vomiting bile is an important condition to be taken care of. Dog vomiting bile refers to the condition of vomiting in green or brown or yellow colour liquid with a very bad odour. Sometimes the pet owners could not tolerate the odour. Further, the condition also refers to vomiting by dogs in the morning in the empty stomach. It is an uncommon condition found in dogs.

Causes of dog vomiting bile

There are many reasons of dog vomiting bile and it is mainly caused due to damages or diseases in liver. When it comes to vomiting bile in puppies, it is mainly caused due to excess amount of acid accumulated in the empty stomach, which might be due to overactive digestive system in puppies. Sometime it is also caused due to food poisoning, similar to the one experienced by human. However, no medication or treatment is required in case of dog vomiting bile caused due to food poisoning. The condition affects the well being of the dogs and puppies. Let us see the causes of dog vomiting bile.

Eating Grass

Dogs are more likely to eat grass. Sometime may pet owners are not aware about the dogs when they vomit in a different colour in yellowish blue. It is caused due to eating excess amount of grass. When the dogs eat excess amount of grass, it will be regurgitates as bile and the dogs are tend to vomit in yellowish blue.

Gastric issues

Dogs are prone to gastric problems like human. Dogs will vomit bile due formation of gas in the empty stomach. In many cases, the dogs themselves develop the empty stomach by improper eating or by starving. Empty stomach with full of gas make them feel nauseas and through the bile.

Processed, tinned and canned foods

Many dogs are fed with foods that are artificially process and also with packaged foods. Fortunately, some of these gods are able to digest these foods with artificial colouring agents and preservatives. On the contrary, in some dogs, they find it quite difficult to digest food, which lead towards vomiting bile.

Worms in stomach

Very common reason for dog vomiting bile is the presence of worms in the dog’s stomach. Worms not only lead towards vomiting bile, but also cause stomach problems, loss of appetite, overeating, etc.

Diseases in stomach and liver

Any infection or disease in liver and stomach also cause the dog to vomit bile. The causes would be damages in the liver, liver failure and stomach ulcer. All the conditions are to be reported to the veterinarian immediately. However, when the vomit bile is caused only due to stomach ulcer, it can be treated by feeding boiled food with no added preservatives.

Food poison

As mentioned above, food poison not only causes vomiting bile in puppies and it is also a common cause of dog vomiting bile. Food poison is generally caused due to eating packaged food with preservative, eating from garbage, etc.

In addition, there are few medications and drugs that might also cause dog vomiting bile.

Dog vomiting bile is not a fatal condition. Unfortunately, it might turn to be a serious condition, when the dogs vomit in frequent intervals. The condition can be prevented well by feeding only the home cooked foods that are hygienic and reduce feeding the dogs with preservatives.

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