Cat Skin Problems

There are various types of cat skin problems which can be difficult to diagnose by yourself. Generally veterinarians first try to classify the skin problem in cats based on its appearance. The cat skin lumps and bumps or lesions fall into the broad categories of cat skin problems. The various cat skin symptoms comprise:

• Presence of round raw lesions on the head, hips and chest which are also known as cat hot spots

• There are scaly patches or scabs on the skin of the cat.

• There is loss of hair which is called cat alopecia

• The cat may have a dry, dull-looking coat.

• There are lumps or bumps on or under the skin of the cat.

• There are red patches on the skin of the cat.

• The cat may scratch or lick her skin terribly this condition is called pruritis.

• The cat has dry and peeling skin.

• There is red, irritated looking skin termed as skin lesions on the cat.

The various types of cat skin problems cat skin allergy and cat skin conditions are stated below

• Wheal: A wheal is an elevated area that generally heals by itself in minutes or hours. It is a part with increased redness or is pale in color when compared to nearby areas. It is also called as a cat hive with signs such as severe itching in the cat. The frequent causes comprise certain foods or drugs allergies, infection, insect bites or other types of allergy in cats.

• Nodule: A nodule is a large and elevated bump on the skin of the cat. The reasons comprise an abnormal cell growth due to neoplasm that is benign or may be also malignant. This condition can also be caused by bacterial or fungal infection in cats.

• Tumor: A tumor is a bulky tissue mass. This condition is also caused by abnormal cell growth or neoplasm that is benign or may be also malignant or due to some type of inflammation in cats.

• Macule: A macule is a part of the skin where there is a change in color. The frequent causes of macule are some type of inflammation or injury to the cat.

• Papule: A papule in cats is a kind of lesion that is elevated. When it is large it is called as plaque. This type of cell inflammation in cats is generally due to a condition called a neoplasm which refers to any type of cells, not just papules. A bigger papule as we have mentioned is called plaque. A neoplasm can be benign or even malignant i.e. cancerous that spreads.

• Postule: A postule formation is an area on the skin of the cat that is filled with pus. The pus is caused by white blood cells that are sent to destroy a foreign invader such as bacteria or a fungus in the body by the immune system of the cat. These dead cells create a lump on the skin of the cat and are called a postule.

• Vesicle: This is a term used for a lump underneath the skin of the cat that is filled with an unusual amount of fluid also called as edema.

• Feline Acne: The problem of feline acne is a widespread problem which seen in cats. It is found on the region of cat’s chin and lips. Generally the symptoms are so mild they go unnoticed by the owners.

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