Cat Flea Treatment

Cat Fleas

Cat fleas are also known as Ctenocephalides felis which actually are miniscule blood sucking parasites which are generally found in cats. Cat flea bites can majorly cause allergic reactions in cats and have been a problem of concern for many years for all the cat owners. If you happen to see your cat scratching at regular intervals and incessantly, this may be your time to believe it to be cat fleas. Cat fleas are not believed to live on humans; however, there is a huge chance that you may be bitten by them at any given point while holding your pet. Lets learn more about cat flea treatment here.

Cat Flea Treatment

Here are some points as to how u can have a safe and a secure cat flea treatment.

Let us first enhance our knowledge about cat fleas. What actually is the cause of a cat flea allergy? The saliva of a cat flea contains these different types of allergens, and it’s a possibility that your cat may develop a cat flea allergy due to flea bites. These are the symptoms of cat fleas; itching around the body, weakness, lethargy in the cat, severe hair loss and at the later stages, anemia. The painful itching is the first real symptom of cat fleas, besides which cat flea bites can also lead to other secondary infections. Cat fleas are later known to affect the owners, which is not really such a good trait. In humans you can recognize cat fleas as itchy bumps that are quite small. They occur towards your ankles and lower part of your legs. In humans too, cat fleas can cause severe itching and hives. Incessant scratching in a given area can later lead to other secondary infection in humans. Cat fleas are also known to carry certain other infections and in case your cat is being exhibiting the symptoms of cat fleas mentioned above its time for you to be careful and also begin a fully fledged cat flea treatment.

Cat flea treatment Options

Well there are several ways to deal with cat fleas on humans. In case you notice itchy red small bumps on your skin, you must begin using an anti-bacterial soap. Do not use hot water, since it’s a possibility that this may aggravate the situation. Be sure to use cold water only. Ice pack application may help you reduce the swelling in the said area. But scratching will only aggravate the situation. It can also lead to other secondary infections which you may want to avoid at any given cost. You must also learn how to keep the area clean and especially dry for a fruitful cat flea treatment. Applying a calamine lotion in the cat flea bit area will be soothing. Please remember that itching will only cause further discomfort and it must be avoided at all costs. Doctors’ prescriptions for cat flea treatments are antihistamines, if the symptoms of the allergy is at a heightened level. But a consultation from a dermatologist is a must.

How to treat cat fleas in cats.

Prolonged infestation of cat fleas in cats can lead them to transmit other diseases like tapeworm and another deadly disease called murine typhus. You must try to be sure that your cat is not infested with cat fleas for a long period of time. Using a flea comb is a good option; it is an efficient home remedy for cat flea treatment. Keep the surroundings clean and keep vacuuming as an when required. You can even avail of flea shampoos that are available in most shops these days. Keep the bedding and the rug clean and fleas tend to hide in these areas. Do not allow the vacuum bags to be collected in the house, it can be pretty bad if they begin to spread around from there.

Thus, these are a few ways by which you can rid your cats from fleas.

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