Canine anemia

What is Canine Anemia

Canine anemia is a situation of lessened count of red blood cells or iron content in the blood called hemoglobin or both the conditions. Canine anemia not a sickness in itself but is an indication of some other ailment in the body. While anemia in people is frequently a result of iron deficiency in the diet, this is hardly ever one of the canine anemia causes. Canine anemia in the dog means that the red blood cells in the dogs blood   are decreasing and not being restored as fast as they ought to be. Because the red blood cells originates from the bone marrow, diagnosis starts with ailments  that affects this part of the body like leukemia, bone marrow cancer and administration of medicines that have a toxic effect in the body. Canine Anemia is also caused by the body using red blood cells faster than usual such as when there are conditions like bleeding in the dogs. Frequent parts for bleeding consist of the digestive tract of the dog and if the dog is afflicted from hookworm or heartworm infestation.

Causes of Canine Anemia

There are a number of Canine anemia causes .The red blood cells are the main players in the performance of the body’s routine functions in both dogs and humans. One of the significant functions of red blood cells is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the various tissues of the body. An additional job of red blood cells is to take carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs so that this body waste can be thrown out through their breath. What ensues if there is an inadequate count of red blood cells in the body of a dog? If the red blood cells are not doing their performance appropriately, body functions of a dog would break down. The state where the overall count of red blood cells in the blood stream of a dog is reduced is called Canine anemia. Because of fewer amounts of red blood cells, the capacity of the blood to provide the usual level of oxygen to the tissues will be compromised.

Symptoms of Canine Anemia

Canine anemia causes as mentioned are many like the Blood loss which may be caused by trauma or injury in the dog or due to parasites and diseases that put off the blood from clotting. The other reason of Canine anemia is the breakdown of red blood cells which may happen due to a disease with this condition as a side-effect. The autoimmune diseases, blood parasites, and cancer are some of the examples of such condition. Another cause is the occurrence of the disease that prevents the production of red blood cells called as immune mediated hemolytic anemia or INHA, and cancer. A Dog owner should be able to see symptoms of canine anemia in his dog. The dog with this condition would have the pale color of mucus membranes. The dog would lose its usual pink color so that his gums, the eyes and the ears would have a pale color that is easily noticeable. Dogs are energetic animals well-known to have huge appetites but anemic dogs would be sluggish and would have no concern in food. The canine anemia treatment can treat the Mild cases of canine anemia successfully. Nevertheless, severe cases of canine anemia, like due to immune mediated hemolytic anemia would necessitate blood transfusion in the dog for a better possibility of survival.

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