Bun Hairstyle for Prom

The bun hairstyle has always looked elegant and has been one of the popular choices for hairstyles for prom. The bun hairstyle is well suited to go with the elegant gowns that girls wear for prom. Learn more about the bun hairstyle in this article Bun hairstyles for prom.

bun hairstyle for promBun Hairstyles for Prom

The bun hairstyle for prom is simple yet elegant and goes best with strands that come up to the chin.

However you must ensure that you get the style right for the bun hairstyle to avoid frizzing of the hairstyle.

Bun Hairstyle tips

  • Start by washing and conditioning your hair with slightly lukewarm water. After washing your hair use a towel to get rid of the excess water, do not rub your hair, and rather squeeze the excess water out.
  • You can sue hair products like a leave-in conditioner, a defrisant, styling cream and/or mousse to the middle and ends. ¬†You should avoid applying hair product near the roots as it can weigh the hair down, this does not apply to sprays when you want to add volume to your hair.
  • Now make about 8 equal section of your hair with two sections on either side and 4 in the back.
  • If you want a fringe with your bun hairstyle for the prom, you can create it with a comb on either side of your head.
  • Now blow dry each of the 8 sections of hair that you have made, using paddle brush to brush them straight. Avoid using too much heat or speed while blow drying your hair.
  • Use a spray to add volume to each section of hair.
  • Take each section of hair and roll them onto a hot roller, remove the roller only once it has cooled.
  • Now create a ponytail with your hair leaving out the fringe and secure the ponytail with a band.
  • Using a hair pad, pin the pad at the base of the ponytail
  • Smooth pony tail over the hair pad, tucking the ends of the ponytail under the pad and pin it securely.
  • To get mode volume in your hair, gently backcomb the ponytail before you smoothen it over the hairpad.
  • Lightly tease front fringe section. Smooth strands down and softly sweep back low across forehead to create a soft fringe.
  • Apply a shine serum to your hair for that shiney look.
  • You can add a tiara or a crystal comb or add small gem pins to your hair for that added beauty.

You can try using the tips given here to look gorgeous at the prom sporting a bun hairstyle.

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