Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Have you tried the brown smokey eye makeup? The one that’s doing the rounds in the recent academy awards that happened? If not this is the right time for you to try, don’t shy away from the experimentation and try out the brown smokey eye makeup. There’s nothing to lose especially since it’s hardly a task. The brown smokey eye makeup is what the world’s talking about right now. You need to be the Master Smuggest, to master this technique of brown smokey eye makeup. But trust me once you are done, people would only say if looks could kill. That’s the kind of transformation that you can expect with the brown smokey eye makeup. Let’s learn how to apply brown smokey eye makeup here.

Brown smokey eye makeup tips

The best part about brown smokey eye makeup is that it suits all complexions and no one actually feels left out once it’s completed. The basic concept behind brown Smokey eye makeup is that no one’s left behind and it’s the best way to experiment with different shades and sub shades.

Things you need for the Brown Smokey eye makeup

• Darkening the eye lids will require highlighting the brow bone, which means you, will need shades like chocolate, copper, metallic brown, coffee, hazelnut etc.

• You will require two shades a basic primer type of shade that has to be downplayed and then there is the deeper shade. The shade we need to play with and accentuate.

• Pencil eyeliner would be the best, to bring definition to your eyes.

• A liquid liner would be handy. To get better defined looks and especially for the brown smokey eye makeup.

• Get a primer

• Dark brown colored mascara

• A small shadow brush

• A large eye shadow brush

How to apply brown smokey eye makeup

Applying the brown smokey eye makeup may be divided into three parts: Making a base, Smudging and Setting. Let’s look at each of these steps closely.

Making the Base for brown smokey eye makeup

You may start by applying a base eyeshadow for brown smokey eye makeup commonly known as the primer over your entire eyelid. This is the most important step, especially to get the right effect for the brown smokey eyes. Then use the pencil eyeliner and place a line both the top and bottom lash lines of your eyes. You may then apply it to inner rims of your eyes, keep it near the eyelashes, so that you can fill the space between the lashes. Smudge the lines slightly to bring the soft look with your fingertips. You can use cotton to bring the same effect for brown smokey eye makeup.

Smudging for brown smokey eye makeup

Apply the lighter or base eye shadow by using the larger eye shadow brush that you have. Apply it all over the eyes; right from the lash to the brow. Next use the darker shade, do the smudging with the smaller brush for brown smokey eye makeup. Keep blending tirelessly, blending is the secret to a perfect brown smokey eye makeup. Slowly heighten the intensity of the color pattern. Don’t forget to smudge around the corners. Keep smudging it’s very important for the Brown smokey eye effect. Next apply the dark brown mascara two or three times over.

Setting for brown smokey eye makeup

The brown smokey eye makeup must be used for the right face make up. Keep the rest of the face and lip make up to the minimal. Eyes must be the main attraction. Use the right shade of brown for a blush and don’t use much. Downplay the entire look after the brown smokey eye makeup. Skip the eyeliner if you want to.

Follow these simple tips for brown smokey eye makeup and get those perfect smokey eyes. Use the brown smokey eye makeup tips to get bold smokey eyes for every day work or for a party.

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