Brown Eye makeup Tips

Brown eyes are naturally beautiful, women who have brown eyes do not need any eye makeup to make their eyes more beautiful. However Brown eye makeup helps create a dramatic effect by drawing focus to your beautiful brown eyes. Learn more about brown eye makeup in the brown eyes makeup tips article.

brown eye makeup tipsBrown Eye Makeup Tips

It is easier to wear darker intense coloured eye makeup with brown eyes as thy have a deep colour that is natural. Depending on the shade of your brown eyes you can choose which eye makeup colour would look best on you. Follow these simple brown eye makeup tips given here for gorgeous naturally beautiful brown eyes:

Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

• One must keep in mind a few important tips before choosing a eye makeup shade:

• Use lighter coloured eye shadows to get well defined and bolder looking eyes.This are recommended for girls with smaller eyes.

• For smokey eye effect use a darker shade eye shadow.

• Use glittery eye shadow to accentuate your brown eyes

• Apply plenty of mascara, mascara helps give you bolder more well defined eyes.

• Always apply concealer to hide any spots or blemishes.

Follow these simple tips to decide which shade of eye shadow would look best on your natural brown eyes:

Brown eyes are classified in four levels depending on the shade of the eyes. On ce you know which shade your eyes are , it’s easier to select a makeup for your eyes.

• Light hazel brown: Light hazel brown is the lightest shade of brown eyes that you can have. Girls who have light hazel brown eyes can use makeup that is a shade darker than their skin tone. You can make your light brown eyes bolder by using a dark rich colour like dark brown or bronze to line them. You can use eye shadows like pink to highlight your eyes.

• Light brown: Girls who have light brown eyes can use darker shades of eye makeup to accentuate their eyes, if your eyes have golden flecks you can use a light yellow shade to highlight your eyes. Use brown eyeliner instead of black eyeliner. While using dark shades of eye makeup one must ensure that it does not overshadow your natural eye colour.

• Medium Brown: Women who have medium brown coloured eyes can wear eye makeup shades like purple or violet. You can also try wearing metallic shades like gold or copper. You can go with multiple shades of eye makeup for a more dramatic effect.

• Deep brown eyes: Deep brown (almost black) is the darkest shade of brown eyes, Women who have deep brown eyes should apply eye makeup that either a medium or dark shade. You should ensure that your makeup does not look too dark.

You can follow these simple brown eye makeup tips given here to accentuate your beautiful eyes and select the right eye makeup shade.

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