Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup

Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Bronze Smokey Eyes look great with the tanned skin that you have donned into during your recent vacation. Bronze Smokey eyes also bring out an illusionary tan if it is donned with the right kind of colors. All you need is some great bronzer.

Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup is also a superb method to learn how to do the smokey eyes. Especially because its one of the easiest smokey eyes. It’s rather easier than the Brown and the Charcoal Shades of Smokey eyes that people generally wear. It’s certainly more comfortable to wear a Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup than to sport the charcoal and the darker colors. You must always begin applying the lighter colors and then slowly move on to the darker shades; instead of darker to lighter.

With the help of these steps of Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup application, you will soon be able to sport the hottest make up spells in town. This is one of the most fabulous techniques to look gorgeous. In fact, this is the reason why most people love the Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup because it goes well with almost any complexion without any difficulty. This one’s definitely for keeps! The best part about the Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup is that it may be applied in lighter shades in the evening and the shades can be accentuated to darker one towards the evening. With a slight amount of modification you can wear the Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup to a great number of occasions.

What do you need for the Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup

Bronzing powder, this one’s got to be in bronze.

Copper Eyeshadow

Mulch Eyeshadow

Black Eyeshadow

Nude lip gloss (to complete the look)

Jet Black mascara

Eyelash curler

Liquid liner

How to apply Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup

• Prepare the eye area first; use a foundation / concealer (or both) to do this.

• You could probably use a neutral color for the base. Remember to run the same color over the lower lashline.

• You could then use a medium brush to run a bronze based color on your upper eyelid as well as your lower lashline.

• You could then do a dark Brown eyeshadow towards the outer eye contours. This shall garner more intensity to your eyes.

• You then need to line your eyes, this is a very important part of the Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup, first line the upper lid, after which you need to line a third of the lower lid. It is recommended to use black eyeliners with a gel contour. Since it is easier to smudge the eyeliner in that case. Smudging and blending is the key to acquiring a good Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup.

• You could then line the rims of your lower lid and then the upper lids.

• Now it is time for you to use the eyelash curler.

• Apply at least two coats of your mascara, it will be desirable.

• Finally, especially for the Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup, use some highlighter. It has a gorgeous effect. Use it on your brow bone as well as the corners of your eye, for the perfect effect.

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