Bridal Makeup Looks

Your wedding may be a beach side wedding or an indoor occasion; you need to dress up as per the theme of your wedding. For an outdoor wedding, a natural bridal look is appropriate and for an outdoor event, bold dramatic look is the best. Whatever the theme of your wedding is, there are some bridal makeup looks that never go out of style-natural, classic or dramatic. Let us look at how you can get these bridal makeup looks.

Natural Bridal Makeup Look

To look natural, you need to lay emphasis on your features with soft delicate neutral colors without overdoing it.

Natural bridal face makeup: Once the foundation on the face is set, apply bronzer by using the middle of your ear and the tip of your nose as a guide. Ensure that you blend the powder towards your nose.

Natural bridal eye makeup: Use brownish shade of eye shadow across your entire eye lid. Start from the lashline and blend upwards, at the same time buff the shadow into your brow. Use coffee color eyeliner to line your upper and lower lashes. Smudge the liner with the smudger end of the pencil for a soft look. Give finishing touches to the natural eye makeup by using black mascara over the top and bottom lashes.

Natural bridal lip makeup: Complete the natural look by applying lipstick in beige color.

Classic Bridal Makeup Look

You can never go wrong with classic makeup and if you combine it with chic makeup, you are definitely going to make a gorgeous appearance at your wedding.

Classic bridal makeup for face: Nothing is more enticing to watch than a blushing bride. Use pink blush using the middle of your ear and tip of your nose as a guide and blend it towards your nose.

Classic bridal makeup for eyes: Apply brownish eye shadow to your eye lid. Start at the lashline and blend upwards, buffing the shadow into your brow. Apply eyeshadow in copper color at the crease of the outer corner of your eyes. Blend down to the lashline to contour and define. Carefully, line your upper and lower lashline with eyeliner pencil in coffee color. Sweep a black mascara over the top and bottom lashes.

Classic bridal makeup for lips: Apply the lip line of the lipstick shade (preferably bronze) of your choice. Fill in the lips with bronze lipstick. Set the lips with a lip-gloss.

Dramatic Bridal Makeup Look

With beautiful dramatic makeup you are sure to be hog all the limelight. Follow these steps on your big day and all eyes will be on you.

Dramatic bridal makeup for face: As soon as you apply the foundation, use a foundation brush to apply a cream blush in berry color along the area under cheekbones to contour and give a definition to your face. Use the middle of your ear and the tip of your nose as a guide to dust the powder blush in Soft Plum onto your cheeks. Ensure that you buff the color and then apply powder Blush in Rose to the apple of your cheeks.

Dramatic bridal makeup for eyes: Apply pale blue eyeshadow to your entire lid by starting at the lashline. Blend the color upwards and then buff the shadow into the brow. Use lack eyeliner along the upper and the lower lashes. Apply Plum eye shadow over the liner to create a soft look. Apply black mascara generously to the upper and lower lashes.

Dramatic bridal makeup for lips: Use fig colored lip liner for lining your lips to create bold and sultry lips. Fill in the lips with plum lipstick. Use a lip gloss to complete the appearance.

These bridal makeup looks are to cater to the different moods of the bride. Natural, classic or dramatic-choose a bridal makeup look, which defines the person you are.

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