Blue Smokey Eye Makeup

Blue smokey eye makeup is fairly easier than all the other smokey eye makeup’s. In fact Blue smokey eye makeup is the easiest, simply because I have tried it myself. Learn how to apply blue smokey eye makeup here.

Blue smokey eye makeup Tips

Follow these simple tips for blue smokey eye makeup here.

Things to be kept handy for blue smokey eye makeup:

• A good Primer

• Eye shadow, try using something unnatural and intense with blue or black undertones.

• Highlighter

• A liquid liner, however using a pencil liner would be good for smudges.

• 242 brush

• 217 brush as a good blender

• Mascara, try using a mascara that would bring volume to your eyes

• Loose powder

• Angled liner brush

How to apply Blue Smokey eye makeup

Follow these simple steps to apply perfect blue smokey eye makeup:

1. Prep your lids and lower lash line with the primer and I let it stay for about a minute.

2. You can then put a generous amount of loose power cheeks and under eyes.

3. Do this with the 242 brush.

4. You can then apply some eye shadow from lash line to the crease. For a slightly less dramatic blue smokey eye makeup look, you could stop right below the crease.

5. You can then line your entire lower lash line with the eye shadow again using the 242 brush.

6. Blend the edges of the shadow on your upper lid; use the 217 brush this time. It blends and blends like smooth. The edges of your eye will now grow smoother than when you first started.

7. Apply the highlighter now and apply it on your brow bone and blend it into the crease.

8. With the angled brush, make a thin line on the upper lid. The lower lid must have a thicker line. Line the inside of your eye too.

9. Then, Use a q-tip to gently blend the shadow and liner on the lower lash line.

10. Finally, dust off the powder around your eyes, especially under your eyes and your cheeks to complete your blue smokey eye makeup.

11. Round it off with two coats of volumnizing mascara.

12. Remember blending is the rule numero uno when it comes to blue smokey eye makeup. Blend the dark into the light one move up in a way that the eyeliner disappears using a dome shaped brush. Apply the dark colour in a wiper motion so that it blends perfectly.

Try to team the Blue Smokey eye make up with a nude look of your cheek. Trust me, if its smokey eyes its only the eyes you want to play up. Dress down everywhere else. So avoid blushed cheeks and red lipsticks. With blue smokey eye makeup you need to be patient and let the colours blend really well. That way the blue smokey eye makeup will look flawless and smooth. So wait no more go out and sport that look of yours and your sexy new avatar. Blue smokey eye makeup is not only In but also sexy and chic. It lends a rather dramatic look to your eyes and is a great wear for the evenings. Its simple yet classy and you will certainly be able to pull that smouldering blue smokey eye makeup, for all to see.

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