Blue Eye makeup Tips for Prom

Blue eyes look beautiful and are not very common to see. If you are one of these lucky ones who have sparkling blue eyes, you need to ensure that you accentuate them in order to bring out their natural beauty. We would be giving you some simple to follow steps on blue eye makeup for prom in this article.

blue eye makeup tips for promBlue Eye Makeup tips for Prom

Not everyone is lucky to have sparkling blue eyes, here are a few tips on how to adorn your beautiful blue eyes for a prom night. Your eyes should look their best for the prom, Girls with blue eyes have a lot of makeup options when it comes to blue eye makeup. You can choose shades like violet, pink, gold, copper or silver. Select a colour like lavender, taupe’s or gray for your eye shadow. If your complexion is light go for lighter shades, in case you have a darker complexion try shades that are more intense or darker.

Mascara: When you apply mascara, you not only add volume to your eyelashes but also accentuate your eyes, try using mascara shades that are black or dark brown. For girls with smaller eyes applying mascara will do wonders to your eyes making them look bold and brighter.

Shape of your Eyes: The shape of your eyes is a very important aspect that you should consider before applying blue eye makeup. If you have round eyes, you can apply eye liner and eye shadow from the outer corner eyes for that longer look. If you have smaller eyes try using a dark shaded eye liner on the crease and a lighter shade on the upper eye lid. If you have bulging eyes apply a dark eye shadow, blending it well over the upper lids which would look perfect for bulging eyes.

Lip Colour: If you go with darker shades for your eye shadow, choose a neutral or nude shade for your lips. Nude lips go great with smokey blue eyes and look great for prom night.

While preparing for prom always choose a makeup look and makeup shades that would go well with your skin tone, hairstyle and gown for the night.

Follow these simple tips given in the blue eye makeup tips for prom article to look great for your prom.

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