Blindness in Dogs

What is Blindness in Dogs

Blindness in dogs is any state that obstructs the light from getting to the retina of the dog and hence impairing a dog’s vision. There are many corneal diseases and cataracts that are the causes of blindness in dogs. Conditions like uveitis, glaucoma, and many retinal diseases are other main causes of blindness in dogs.

Causes of Blindness in Dogs

Most causes of blindness in dogs will not be evident on general observation of the eye itself. There are some indications that imply a dog may not be seeing as well as before. The Symptoms of blindness in dogs for instance are, a dog who is visually impaired may try to step high or step with great caution, step on things that usually are avoided, or may even bump into things like furniture, and take his nose near to the ground. Dogs that in general catch the things thrown towards them may all of a sudden start to fail to notice objects thrown to them. The sluggishness of older dogs is often ascribed simply to old age, but worsening eyesight may also be a reason for this.

Symptoms of Blindness in Dogs

Only a veterinarian can successfully decide that whether a dog is blind or not. If a dog owner suspects signs of blindness in dogs, it’s vital for the dog owner to keep a record of notes about why he suspect so, recording any alleged symptoms of blindness in dogs or any behaviors that are frequently seen in blind dogs will help in determining the causes of sudden blindness in dogs . This record can be shared with the veterinarian and it can to a great extent help in the diagnosis procedure. In addition to examining the dog’s eyes, the veterinarian may watch the dog for the symptoms of blindness and perform some of the vision tests for dogs to determine if a dog is blind. If there are evidences of sudden blindness in dogs, this should be taken as a medical emergency and the dog should be brought to the veterinarian straight away. The symptoms and Signs of a grave eye problem in a dog consist of symptoms like enlargement of the dog’s eyeball, the dog’s eye unexpectedly appears cloudy, Swelling around the eye of the dog and the dog’s eyeball looks as if it has popped out of the socket this condition is called as protrusion; there are sudden formation of ulcers or Scratches on the surface of the eye i.e. the cornea.

Treatment of Blindness in Dogs

The diagnosis of blindness in dogs or permanent vision loss is not a disaster. The reality is that most dogs, even those with regular eyesight, do not in fact see very well. They depend to a great extent on their senses of hearing and smelling. These senses take over the role that the eyes play and in fact become sharper on sudden onset blindness in dogs. This makes it comparatively trouble-free for blind dog to move around in areas they are familiar with. However, a blind dog or dog suffering from conditions like the night blindness in dogs or color blindness in dogs and blindness in dogs with diabetes should not be left loose in unknown surroundings or he could be wounded. A blind dog’s other senses like the hearing and smell, balances for his lack of sight.

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